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    1st the facts.
    I have a few accounts on Fiverr.

    I make around $1k to $1.5k a month via these gigs.

    I am starting to list on other gig sites but I am having real trouble staying organized and efficient.

    Process is as follows.

    Order comes in.
    I list the order to be completed by my staff in a spreadsheet.
    Staff completes order.
    I deliver order.
    Rinse and repeat.

    Currently I do this about once a day (in the mornings if I feel like dealing with it). At this time I also answer questions etc from my fiverr customers.

    This is where my BHW brothers come in.

    How can I speed up the process and or automate it before I really start listing on anything but my fiverr accounts?

    How can I get these clients to be offsite clients?
    Most of the time when I try to get clients offsite fiverr freezes my account or sends me a stop that $h1t note etc. Out of every 100 orders I may convert 1 to an offsite client even though I have MANY repeat clients on fiverr.

    Any other tips are appreciated as well.
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    You make $1k on fiverr and other gig sites thats pretty cool

    Anyway back to your problem. Now I am no IT solutions guy but hope this helps:

    Get get a coder to code a program for you so you can login into your accounts quickly and then tell you what orders you have and download any attachments that needed to be downloaded.

    Or you could set up a file system like this:


    Image not showing just go to

    Each one of your accounts is a folder inside Fiverr accounts and you store your gigs inside them

    Each one of your gigs is a folder and it is stored inside the corresponding account which sells the certain gig.

    And inside your particular gig is your customer and inside that folder is where you will store your attachments.

    Feel free to PM me about this if you don't get it.

    How to get offsite clients:

    Now this is a little trick I learnt off here although I don't use it because I don't know how to monetize for my services (open for a JV).

    When you have finished the customers order and you are going to be sending the relevant files to your client, make a new text document and put all of your contact information in there.

    Make it professional not some crappy gmail/free email service account because this will put a impression on your client.

    On your website you could have a special offer for your fiverr client (just to add value to them)

    Name the file "how to contact me"

    <a Tips End a/>

    When you have done that use win rar (google it, its free) to compress all of the files together (don't forget your contact file) and deliver the order.

    I don't know the success rate of this method but I do know that if you have over delivered your service they will always come back for more, such as in your own case BlackCat67.

    Hope that helps,

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