Organic Site Keywords on AHREFS/SEMRush/Ubersuggest

Oct 20, 2015
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We created a site and am confused about keywords. A portion of our site is dedicated to our sports events. They have a name like Royal Rumble Hockey Tournament. We obviously want to show up when people search that (or Rumble Hockey Tournaments etc)

On the site we use paid YOAST SEO, off site we use paid version of AHREFS & Ubersuggest, and we check semrush too. These sites pull a number of other "organic keywords" from our blogs but none from our events show up. We do use these (and different variations) words on the pages and set as keywords and/or phrases Yoast SEO tools.

Is it possible he plugin we use for events is hiding these keywords? Are there any tips to make these show up in our organic keyword lists? Any other tools out there we should be using?