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    U already know google images is an underestimated traffic source. Its true, less targeted, but it brings me alot more traffic than i thought in the past.
    For example i own a site just with pictures, not even an article, but i rank 1 for some adult keywords in google images and the 6th link in google text(some times 5th or 4th), on the first page.

    Let's start:

    -take a bunch of pics on the net, copy paste them(don't be afraid about copyright, be evil) you should have at least 20-40 pics with the same thematic.
    -find a good-long-title-for-your-images
    -go download Express Thumbnail Creator from here:
    its a trial but if you already installed deep freeze from where i uploaded:
    you can use the thumb creator forever without buy it. just reinstall it every time you need for a gallery(will take just few secs).
    -once you have open it go to images, select the folder you downloaded images
    -on theme, select Simple Gray or other simple theme
    -now the important part : general(1) -> advanced... -> file names -> auto rename -> enable auto rename -> replace word "image" with "good-long-title-for-your-images-" and will be like this:
    "good-long-title-for-your-images-###" then select destination folder on your desktop, then click OK
    -go to titles(2). on thumbnail ALT text insert this: "{ImageFileNameNoExt}"
    -go to image ALT text and insert this: "{ShortTitle}"
    -live blank the other fields.
    -on thumbnails(3) don't forget to check the "crop thumbnail..." after you check width and height. take off any effects.
    -go to images(4), resize(cause you wanna unique content) and insert your logo, better over the old logo(yeahhh be even more evil)
    -go to thumbnail table(5) and test some format but don't forget to check "single page"
    -on idex pages(6) -> advanced -> uncheck everithing, then on html template you insert just this:
    -on image pages(7) check "Images"
    -go see the index html, if you don't like turn back to "thumbnail table" at (5) point and change the layout.
    -don't forget to save the project in d: if you use deep freeze.
    -upload all generated content in your site.
    -if you use wordpress upload them in the wordpress root, where the the wp-content and wp-admin are located. go post the html generated.

    You can get even more efficient with wordpress if you have more pictures.
    The approximative time you can make such a gallery is 3-5 mins if you already have the pictures selected in folders.

    Any questions?