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    The XXX.XcomX station optimization
    The site's logo need to add Alt tags to put the main keyword.
    The site need to make a personalized 404 page.
    Do promotion on the home page link to set Nofollow tags to reduce weight dispersed
    Such as: online consultation, microblogging, please log in, registered, novice guide.
    The bottom of the Copyright Office together with the main keyword anchor text to increase keyword density.
    Site columns page url catalog series is shorter, and the need to set the pseudo-static, and the original dynamic url is all to do 301 jump to the new
    Such as the League of Legends part the URL of the page:
    XXXhttpXXXXXXXXXXX://XwwwX.X.Xcom/portal/order/pr ... ductvo.gameId = 10046 can be modified to XhttpXXXXXXX://wwwX.X.Xcom/lol.htmlX this form.

    Dynamic URL to create a robot.txt file the original with parameters all masked, and no promotion page is also shielded, at the same time plus a Sitemap.
    Establish a dedicated Google administrator account, and will submit the sitemap, and administrator tools to monitor site status.
    Master into traffic statistics code, Google, Baidu statistics, webmaster statistics can improve the monitoring system.
    Page Links Forum First you want to remove already invalid Friends of the chain, immediately delete the faulty link (search engine punishment), and finally to minimize the one-way export outside the chain of foreign exchange of high quality to our SEO Links .
    The most important point, site header tags (title and meta tags) to facilitate the SEO optimization SEO keywords set start slowly adjust to.
    Regular daily news updates several hand to do, the articles must be readable and original.
    Note the construction of the horizontal site within the chain, such as the architecture of the chain part page part page have, specifically developed in accordance with the SEO Ministry.
    The link address to bring the navigation or part of the keyword (Pinyin).
    Each page with a different title keywords and title
    Link module requires a separate management