Opt in List plugin - copy name from form to landing page?

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by virtualgeorge, Jun 12, 2015.

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    I am using a plugin that lets me create optin forms, auto responders & mailing lists & works very well.
    However, I want to create a funnel system where they fill out the opt in form, then it takes them to the 2nd page where there is a video & more info which is easy enough with any plugin but what I would like to do is on the the second landing page is to have some text like "Hi <name entered on opt in form> thanks for your interest please watch the video for more info."

    A lot of the auto responder/opt in plugins will let you use a short code to use the info entered in the form in the welcome/thanks email message but what if you wanted to also place that info in a page instead of an email?

    My plugin won't let me use any short codes in a "thank you" page.

    Is that possible to create a personalize message from the form data with any plugins?

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    Well this actually depends on the plugin that You're using. If you use a platform such as JVZoo or Zaxaa (I haven't used the last one), then they have a lot of the things that you're asking (if you have a product to sell obviously).

    The other method that I'm thinking, is that most plugins simply give you the shortcode and the ability to insert it into the verification page that you want.

    In your case, you might not have this feature, so there might be a template in your installed plugin with the thank you page. If you locate it under the plugin-name-folde, you can edit it by hardcoding it and place the video that you want there. This means that will every update you'll lose everything. Extending it if you know a bit of coding, would be the best course of action ofcourse.