(Opportunity $$$$) For very Skilled Php and flash programmers

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Toocoo82, May 12, 2012.

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    Not sure if this is right place to post or not (mods I apologize if it is), but I just wanted to say, a friend of mine has a really good deal with a software company. They need someone that is skilled in php, and knows at least the basics of how to get around in flash. Basically you need to create the software/fix the buggy one they have. Now I know some of you are not the best of artist, so they've already laid out the design, you just have to be the programmer.

    What's the catch? Glad you asked...well this is one of those cases where the work is the catch lol. I will be honest and say this project is not a walk in the park (maybe for some), it needs someone who really knows their stuff, and most important, can knock this out within a couple of days. He is offering a split of profits from each sale, and will pay every week (he has paperwork already for an agreement so you will be on the same page). So no cold calling, no referral or affiliate links, or seo. Just fix the software right, and sit back with a glass of lemonade and let the money come in (Really its that simple).

    Judging that they are ranked on the first page for this software, has a ton of customers, and huge mailing list, I'm not saying you will be a millionaire, but this should be lucrative if you just want to program something once, sit back, and watch the money come to you.

    How much, I'm not sure, I think he bases his prices $100-200, so after partner proceeds, you are looking at the least, $33, to $66 per sale, and you'll have yourself some money to invest in other things in im like forex, or buy legit seo tools, a new rolex, etc lol.

    Why am I doing this? Because I've learned alot on this forum, and it's time to give back. I am not an expert in these programs, so it's to let you all know about it. Please don't take my kindness for weakness.

    So if you this seems like something you can do, check below:

    - Please have a reliable means of getting paid (they told me PayPal is preferred).
    - PM, or post your Skype id (I have to let them know by Monday if I know of anyone), and let me know a little about you and your background, or examples of work. Not really trying to make this like a job interview, but looking for someone creative, and please don't send bs, that's a quick delete.

    I'm only looking for the best, so no one who plays games, or is trying to steal this product, and make one similar. They already have a patent on the software, and are trigger happy when it comes to suing, so I would hate for you to get a subpena.

    I will try to respond to everyone I feel is qualified for the opportunity. Monday, I'll make sure to let you guys know how things are going.

    Good luck.
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