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    *Disclaimer: I don't know if this has been discussed here before or not. This was my original idea, but that doesn't mean Im the first person who thought of it, if that makes any sense.*

    *Disclaimer: talk of unethical and/or illegal shit below, you have been warned*

    Alright, first if all this thing has some discussion on PPI shit, and yes I know about the PPI.org boards, but this sort of combines PPI and eBook marketing, so PPI isn't really the central point of it, and I don't know how HaRRo is on black market eBook shit over on the PPI boards so I decided to post this here.

    Anyway, once upon a time in a land far far away, me and another Russian associate of mine ran a test on an idea.
    We originaly came up with this through how adware is used sometimes to market antivirus programs. First it hits your pc, usualy with the help of a PPI marketer, and then it tells you it will cure your pc if you buy their shit. Well, the PPI guy makes his $0.10 or whatever, and the PPI company makes their money, and the company advertising makes their money selling the product. But the PPI guy is always making the least, or he can chose to market his own shit through a PPI, but then he loses his PPI ($0.10 /install or whatever), but as some know, PPI is quite the cash cow. Anyway, we wanted to see if we could follow the example of the "antivirus" companies and sell our own shit, but, while still earning though other's PPI.
    Most of the time we did basic torrent/P2P PPI, we used fake files, empty exes that we beefed up with file paddler, binded in iexpress, and blasted through the web like no tomorrow. Anyway, I figured, if the "antivirus" companies are paying the PPI network, and the PPI network is paying us, obviously people buy their shit, so I says, fuck it, why not market our own shit. So my associate made an .exe that, when ran, displays pretty much a landing page. To this we binded our PPI payload.
    An anonymous test merchant account at C*[email protected] was made, as well as an eBook on basic PPI shit.
    When the target ran the .exe, after instantly installing our affiliate PPI payload, and earning us $0.10, our .exe ran and popped out a window that says pretty much:
    "We just pwned your pc and made money doing it, if you wanna find out how we did it buy our eBook. We'll also show you how to remove the pwnage, which you will never be able to do on your own..."
    Only not in those exact words.
    Anyways, we ran a 1,000 target test campaign, and Im alittle hazy on these figures, but I think we got something like 900+ downloads and 780 or 870 or something installs. But anyway, and this figure I remember exactly, we got 11 people to buy our $30 eBook. So lets say, (780 x $0.10+11 x $30)-$50 CB Merchant fee = $358. In one hour. (once all the set up was made. And that was a small test run.
    Unfortunatly, shortly after my associate got into some legal trouble and is "unavailable" for the next 3 years. (charges were unrelated to anything internet) I myself got some things going outside of the web, had some troubles of my own, and point is this idea died. But now Im back to "e-earning" full time, and wanted to try this out, but I do not have the coding skills to build the .exe, plus I would have to do another good eBook, set up an annonym CB merchant account, and all that shit. Before I commit any resources to this, I wanted to hear some opinions. There are other ways you could take this, but thats the base of it.
    Mainly, Im afraid I havent thought of all the pitfalls of this. Obviously CB banning is a risk, but thats always a risk in BH marketing. Legal shit/criminal prosecution doesnt concern me. Basicly, aside from just not working, what ways can this go south that I should make contingency plans for?

    I apologize if this is in an incorrect forum to post this, but I wasn't sure where to post it in. I also apologize if I was unclear on anything, English is not my native language.

    Thank you for reading.
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    Sounds like a good idea, the one thing I would suggest is maybe you shouldn't use CB. For example you could use click*2sell.eu or a similar site that does not require approval or monitor what you sell.
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    Hi, I like your idea, I think it's got future, and you could even add a few extra adds from bidvertiser or even google on the landing page so you make some extra.

    BTW, I'm a programmer myself and since I like your idea, I wanted to ask you if you would consider me being your partner. PM me if you are interested.

    Oh, one more thing. How are you distributing the files? since silent installation torrents get deleted excrusiatingly fast... one that explicitly says "i just pwn3d ya" should last somewhere between 1 and 3 nanoseconds :D:D:D.