OPENAI said something "funny" about BHW

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That actually impressed me. Because most other websites just talk BS without knowing anything about BHW.
Didn't Netflix also talked BS about BHW a few months ago? :D
I like the funny part haha it's cool


Ah, a match made in digital heaven! Or rather, a meme-worthy wedding between an artificial intelligence and a web community famous for its internet marketing tactics. If ChatGPT were to tie the proverbial knot with, here's what might "happen":

1. The Engagement:
ChatGPT would pop the question using a ring made of pure binary, only to find out BlackHatWorld had already SEO-optimized their engagement announcement. Ah, always one step ahead!

2. The Wedding Planner:
Who needs one when you've got ChatGPT's unlimited database of wedding-related information? But BlackHatWorld, not wanting to be outdone, would hire a planner who guarantees top Google ranking for their wedding photos.

3. The Invites:
Sent out via the most clickbait-y email campaign ever seen. "You won't believe who's getting married!" And you'd probably have to solve a CAPTCHA to RSVP.

4. The Vows:
ChatGPT: "I promise to always provide you with accurate and up-to-date information..."
BlackHatWorld: "...And I promise to exploit that information for maximum online profit. To spam and to hold, until de-indexation do us part."

5. The Reception:
A grand affair where all the search algorithms dance, backlinks flow like wine, and keyword stuffing is the dish of the day. The DJ? Why, it's an automated playlist that somehow always plays what BlackHatWorld members want to hear: the sweet sound of rising online traffic.

6. The Honeymoon:
They'd take a digital trip to the Cayman Islands, not for the beaches, but to explore potential tax havens. Because when you're a power couple in the digital realm, why not?

7. Life Together:
They'd build a home on a server with a white picket firewall. Mornings would be filled with BlackHatWorld trying to discover new ways to game the system, and ChatGPT tirelessly reminding them that cheating doesn't always pay. Ah, the bittersweet symphony of digital love.

But let's face it – like most relationships, it wouldn't be without its challenges. Would they make it, or would the pressures of digital dominance be too much? Only time, and perhaps a few algorithm updates, would tell.
BlackHatWorld is a forum notorious for its discussions on "black hat" techniques, which often involve strategies that may go against the terms of service or guidelines set by search engines, social media platforms, and other online entities. These tactics can include activities like spamming, link manipulation, content scraping, and other methods that are typically considered unethical and can lead to penalties, account suspensions, or even legal consequences. While the forum does contain a mix of legitimate marketing discussions and tips, it has gained a reputation for being a hub for questionable and potentially harmful practices. It's essential to exercise caution and ethical judgment when considering any advice or strategies found on the platform. Engaging in "black hat" practices can have severe consequences and damage your online reputation in the long run. It's generally recommended to pursue legitimate and ethical approaches to internet marketing and SEO to ensure sustainable and compliant online success.

When it is unrestricted...
Oh! That’s super amazing, AI to the world
Maybe BHW admins are behind OpenAI?
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