Open Office spread sheets and clickable links.

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    Will Open Office let me open spread sheets from Scrapebox.

    I need software that will allow me to easily make clickable links in spread sheets I export form Scrapebox. Excel won't allow me to do that. I have to do it manually, one cell at a time.

    A BHW member, Blackhatdavid, gave me code for a macro to do this but, I cannot unhide the sheet. Have followed all directions on internet for unhiding one but, can't get the job done. If I go to Open Office will it do this more easily. Another member suggested saving as HTML, but I can't edit that. So I am looking for another option.

    I am just very disenchanted with MicroSoft. So I am willing to jump ship on them for almost no reason.

    Anyway, will Open Office fix my clickable link problem?

    Thanks for your consideration.