Open a Classified site and use a Scraper to populate content (Idea Suggestion)

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    I am interested in opening a classified site using one of the popular script out there flexible and customizable. And thought of using a Scraper to scrape other classified sites of interest to me based on Oodle, Craislist Kijiji, backpage or other custom sites that would scout and populate the Admin with content in the various categories. Content that we would approve before posting to the site.

    How feasible is it technically and the amount of work+ $ to get this done using an existing scraper script & making it work with the classified script. ?

    Legally, the idea is to display the source of the individual ad with a small logo linkable to the original source. Like on an article directory or News aggregator. It is for a country where laws are not so much an issue (not Europe or US) but it would still be correct to do this.
    The concept is to open the site with a full content with many categories filled up for the early stage to have an attractive site right off and have the users continue to populate the classifieds with content posted directly on the site gradually. So content from the Scraper will gradually be phased out as the site gets popularity on its own.

    Thank you for your insights and suggestions

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    Ooops million dollar question and no answer. Dont be discourage. :)