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    Anyone can share how to do the task that I have listed below? Also how important it is in Onsite Optimization...

    Meta Keyword Placement
    Title Tag Optimization
    Robots txt Optimization
    W3c Validation
    Working on HTML Source Code
    Image & Hyperlink Optimization
    Header Tag Optimization
    URL Structuring
    Filename optimization
    hCard Integration
    Updating Pages for Local Search
    Website Content Optimization
    Blog Set Up
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    My opinion:

    0 = not important 9 = very important

    0 Meta Keyword Placement

    I would recommend only using 1 or 2 keywords. I have seen suggestive data supporting the notion that not having meta keywords at all lends credibility to a page. Not proven, but fairly nice experiment data (not mine or I would have posted it already).

    9 Title Tag Optimization
    Yes... short and delimit keywords you are tuning for with " - " and don't use a keyword more than once. Analysis continues to show that there is no statistical advantage to having a keyword more than once in a title and having a keyword 5 or more times in a title is a one way ticket out of the top 100. You would be better off delimiting with " - " and targeting additional terms than repeating the same term.

    0 Robots txt Optimization

    Beyond just having a robots.txt file that has proper syntax there is no additional benefit. In fact there is no benefit in having other than there is a slight penalty for not having one.

    3 W3c Validation

    I continue to see supportive evidence that the benchmarks in parsing your HTML pages effect rankings. If your pages take more processing time than your competitors to parse they will have a slight statistical advantage. Again... not proven... but very suggestive studies.

    0 Working on HTML Source Code

    I dont know what this is so I gave it a zero so people wont accidentally think I recommend working on this. It might be worth working on, I just have no idea what the OP meant.

    9 Image & Hyperlink Optimization

    Internal and External linking are huge SEO power tools and always have been. Deep linking from home pages has become more important since google diluted link juice with Caffeine. Alt attribute, keyword stuffing in link text, using link text with images, title attributes, full URLs in href and src attributes, keywords in CSS class names... all important

    0 Header Tag Optimization

    Again... I don't know what this is. It might be important. I just don't understand what the OP is asking.

    9 Canonicalization

    Yes... on every page. Google is willing to reward sites that save googlebot's time (which is google's money)... this also reduces the number of pages on your site that will go into the supplemental indexes, it also helps google crawl you website more completely and it eliminates the threat that someone will submit alternative forms of your URLs to google in an effort to move your top pages into the supplemental indexes as duplicate content.

    9 URL Structuring

    RESTful style URLs with wordpress style keyword slugs are very "in fashion" with google right now. Exact matches in the URL, preferably in the domain, are certainly an SEO power tool

    9 Filename optimization

    Yes. same as above. Unlike page titles, having multiple matches per URL does appear to have advantage.

    3 hCard Integration

    Kind of... Google is showing preferential treatment to certain kinds of micro-formats. Largely this has been seen with consumer ratings and local search data

    0 or 9 Updating Pages for Local Search

    Totally depends on your website's goals and target markets.

    9 Website Content Optimization

    Endlessly linkbuilding is a total waste of time... you will get a lot further faster by linkbuilding for a very targeted and tuned webpage. Bulk link building a poorly tuned page moves you an inch. Minuscule amounts of link building for a highly tuned page moves you by miles. I'm not anti back-linking, but I am saying tune your content or you'll spin your wheels with little or nothing to show for it.

    9 Blog Set Up

    Absolutely... the quality and organization of your website management tools is ultimately what will make your website succeed or fail. Flexibility and ease of maintenance over time is the number one cause of website death, that is of course after the stillborn death rate of course.



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