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Onlywire Multi Autosubmitter

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by ortogonk, Feb 27, 2010.

  1. ortogonk

    ortogonk Registered Member

    Nov 28, 2008
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  2. selfmademillionare

    selfmademillionare Newbie

    Feb 6, 2010
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    Computer Geek
    Washington, D.C.
    Sounds pretty interesting. What kind of success have you had with it so far?
  3. blackhatdavid

    blackhatdavid Regular Member

    Nov 5, 2009
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    I use this plugin on several blogs and it works great!

    That said, this week I ran across a BIG exception to this that many BHW members should know about (if you use or are thinking about using this plugin). I had set up a couple of my blogs to autopost. I had set up another blog to do "scheduled" posting. While running these tests, I happened to notice that nothing was getting sent to Onlywire.

    I did some testing and found that it seemed that the plugin was not working in these cases. I contacted their support. They confirmed that the plugin DOES NOT work in these cases. You can always go back in and manually submit them to Onlywire, but this is annoying when you are trying to automate the whole process.

    Maybe they will fix this in the future. I hope so, because I like the plugin. It does exactly what it is suppose to and it works well.
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  4. Stu784

    Stu784 Regular Member

    Nov 2, 2009
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    I keep getting this message:


    Last post submitted to OnlyWire: URL Hyperlink
    Account used: #1
    Returncode from OnlyWire:

    "Image icon but no image"

    Not Authorized

    You have reached this page because your API authentication failed. Usually this happens due to a bad username/password. Please check your user name and password and try again.
    If you have any questions please contact us at: [email protected]."

    I have 4 accounts so far and I ave the percentage set to 40% I also tried re inputting the user names & passwords however still get the same issues message.

    The test submission worked & I have this running on 2 different blogs, ones an autoblog.