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[Only Limited Amount] Marketing Skype Group Centre!

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by 2xdswu, Sep 15, 2015.

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    Aug 10, 2015
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    Hi everyone!

    If you're interested to be in a limited group of people which does marketing/social stacking please read through.

    I know I may not be the most reputable person to do this but I can ensure you that this group will be run very efficiently. I'll be keeping the list of people in the group to ensure no one sneaks in at any point of them as well as managing the group so that everyone can have a nice environment and resourceful one. I've personally run exhibition for design related before and knows how to do management.

    What group is this for:
    People who are new to internet/social marketing.
    Experience and reputable players in BHW
    People who are seeking for things to learn everyday
    Wants to be part in an active group
    Give advice to people who are willing to learn
    IM people to hangout and have someone to talk to

    What this group is not for:

    People who are going to be ghost in the group
    Not non-socialable people
    People who only ask questions when they need help
    People who begs

    Please speak english only, so that everyone can understand you.
    Be active in the group at least engage in conversation and reach out to people in need of your help.
    No sharing of your service unless someone posting inside who needs it.
    Taking content out of it and releasing into a guide.
    You're not allowed to invite other people only people who are approved will be able to get in.


    I'll be only inviting 3 types of people in each industry so it's unique. For exmaple there will be only 3 graphic designer, 3 developer, 3 body builder, 3 diet planner, such as etc...
    Closely monitor the list to make sure no other member will be able to sneak in to beg for stuff or spam.
    Its for people who are experience or interested in any other form of marketing.
    It will be exclusive within this group, we will have weekly group skype call to know more about each other talk about economy and such as.
    Do fun stuff like group venture, group buy, group share, group testing and destroying things on the internet.

    If you're interested, fill up this form as you already know this is to unique players of different industry.

    Main strongset of skills: ( Brand Designer, Phone App Developer, Whatsapp marketer, Twitter endoser exmaples like that - MUST BE SPECIFIC )
    What do you know about Internet/Social Marketing:
    What program or tools do have/use ?:
    How active will you be on skype:
    Will you engage in conversation ?:
    What is your skype ID: