Online Trading Affiliate Programs, $750 CPA + 50% Rev Share Anyone?

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    Anyone hear of the partnership program? Sounds interesting with lot's of potential. Wanted to get some feedback.

    From the website...

    How do you benefit by becoming our preferred partner?
    As a preferred partner, your website will be listed across our exclusive Forex Ad Network (FAN). Our FAN is an established Forex network made up of hundreds of premium, high-ranking and authoritative domain names such as / / / - just to name a few.

    Our FAN domain names and traffic received is currently collectively valued at $15 million dollars! We want to share this exclusive opportunity with you. But hurry, spots are limited.

    How does it work?
    First, as a preferred partner, YOU RECEIVE FREE AD SPACE on FAN qualified domain names that relate to your current established business OR you may lease ?at no cost? a FAN domain name for an approved start-up business. FAN domain names such as ?, which is currently valued at $200K, could be used for your next big affiliate marketing idea ? completely free. In turn, you receive FREE high quality referral traffic from our FAN to your website and start earning instantly.

    Second, our FAN helps increase your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and website rankings over the long-term. This happens by placing contextually targeted links from our established FAN to your website. This will organically increase your website rankings in web search result pages. This method works for Google, Yahoo, Bing and Baidu. Additionally, on a monthly basis, you will have the option to consult with our in-house SEO experts on what keywords you should be targeting and how the latest search algorithms changes may affect your business.

    Third, you receive free access to enterprise level business applications used to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your overall business operations. This includes access to a CRM system (*optional) to follow-up (call or email) and convert leads. You will also have full access to your partner control panel in order to view real-time performance and earning reports from a single interface.

    Fourth, when you join our partner program, you will be assigned a dedicated affiliate account manager who will work with you to get you started right away. You will have access to premium marketing material and landing pages personalized just for your needs.