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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by seostud, Apr 22, 2012.

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    Hey everyone,

    I've been on this forum for about 6-8 months now and decided to finally write a post on something I haven't been able to come across. I have my own business doing online sales of tangible products that I want to promote across USA and Canada. I've tried Kijiji Bots and Craigslist Bots, but seems the moment they notice similar ad's displayed on their website they will instantly block/delete the Ads. Even when doing Kijiji Ad's manually and change around the wording of each Ad it seems like they instantly will catch on and delete my Ads within 24 hours.

    Is their anyone on this Forum that runs an online store selling tangible items that has found great sites to promote products on at no cost?? Or has found a way to spam Kijiji / Craigs list with Ad's and not getting them deleted??

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    I have a store. I joined bhw because I am competing with department stores and major companies. I am in the niche from hell and competition is brutal. The market is flooded. Dept stores and other major companies dominate the serps. Things I don't use or do-senuke, blasting blog comments, forums, etc. None of that looks professional and a store should look professional. Well I do some blog comments, but those are on blogs that I regularly read and enjoy. Things I do use/do-press releases, facebook, twitter, pinterest, youtube, social bookmarking, articles, fiverr gigs, advertising on popular sites (which includes banner advertising), email newsletters, seo for google, offline marketing which includes direct mail.
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    First, Introduce some coupons via your website and advertise those as well, on facebook and others. Keep people interested by updating your social media with pictures and new things. You have to HAVE content before you can drive people to your content.

    Now, your customers are coming to your site via google as well I assume?
    I'd try adwords first for your specific niche. I know your store is online, but if you are in a city, you might try local advertising on adwords. It's easy to start with $100 free and target some very specific keyword items (ie "running shoes tampa" or even a particular brand) if you're a shoe store in tampa. See what happens. I always like to buy from a store that's near me, even if it's online.

    The things redrubies suggested are very helpful. I'd highly recommend looking at other business like yourself (even in other niches) and seeing what they do. How their site is put together, who links to them, etc

    It would help if you talk more about what your niche is.