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    You've learn internet marketing! Great! So you send traffic to your affiliate sites, and suddenly realize that you don't have people buying your product, or very few actually do. You lament the fact that only 10 people click through the ads you run on Google. You are frustrated because you want to get more affiliate sales, but nothing seems to be moving as fast as you want.

    As an affiliate marketer, you need to have proper If you are blindly sending out emails or creating advertising campaigns, then you might just get yourself into trouble. At the end of the day, you might even chalk up a loss.

    This is definitely not smart internet marketing.

    I would recommend at least three things for online marketing strategy in the context of affiliate marketing. Doing this could mean the difference between a profitable business online, or a completely languid one.

    First, you need to ask "how quickly will people tell others about me". This is a powerful concept, but few actually structure their marketing efforts to deliberately become viral in nature.

    Second, you must have a clear sequence. Instead of some very weak marketing messages, you need to have a clear theme leading to a crescendo. It's literally like a wave, and momentum in your affiliate strategy, even if you are marketing a 20-page report requires you to make a campaign that is worthy of a $5,000 product! One mistake that online marketers make is they ignore the momentum required to break through to the audience and grab their attention, and the fastest way to get this done is through credibility and through multiple media messages, such as video and audio.

    Third, you need to craft your plan such that you know what to offer next. This may seem rudimentary, but in order for your battle plan to be executed perfectly, your army needs to know what has to be done today compared with they had done yesterday. Guidance is what the marketing general needs to do when conquering the market place.

    Think of yourself as a strategist rather than a tactician, and you'll find that your online marketing strategy will be a smarter, longer term approach than just the typical meagre effort other affiliate marketers use.