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Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by KodiakApprentice, Jun 25, 2009.

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    Hey guys, I'm fairly new to the Black hat thing so I would love some input on this idea.

    A short time ago I was hard up for a bank account and I could not get one due to being blacklisted in the chex systems program... So I got an account with an online bank... It worked out really well and I still have the account today tho I have a real one now too... Anyway my point is this...

    1. For those who don't have bank accounts or need one this might be your solution...
    Unfortunately you do have to be in the US or have a US address you can use. They also charge 4.95 a month for a "usage" fee but that is the ONLY fee that they charge.

    2. They offer a referral program and the nice part of this is that the referee gets 20 dollars and the referred gets 10 dollars so its a WIN WIN for both parties.

    Anyway I could see this being an awesome affiliate for the current state of the economy.... I'm going to try and use a twitter method I saw earlier to promote it and see if it works out to be anything good.. the one down fall is that there is a limit of 200 referrals per day.

    I don't know if its allowed but if anyone wants to open an account there and wants 10 bucks free hit me up i'll send you my referral code. I don't care either way I just wanted to try and share SOMETHING because I've read so much good info here

    BTW - You only have to be 14 to get an account with them... Good hunting Black Hatters!

    I tried to post the link in code... Unfortunately I haven't posted 15 times... the name of the site is Ac*cou*nt*no*w*dot*com just remove the * no spaces.
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    Uh - don't think this is quite what affiliate marketers are looking for - online bank accounts for children is - -well - kinda wierd, don't you think - try promoting something like a good CPA offer for, like 10 - 12$$ per give away - Max bouny, neverblue and copeac come to mind. Just ggoogle search the terms and you'll find enough to keep you bzzy for a while - suffice to say that I think cpa offers is where the real cash is being made

    hope this helps