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One year old lurker emerges from the abyss of ignorance...

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by dalinkwent6, Aug 15, 2014.

  1. dalinkwent6

    dalinkwent6 Junior Member

    Jun 30, 2013
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    5th Dimension
    Hello masters,

    Hello my name is Angelo, don't let my username fool you (its a user name i been using since 1996 but without
    a 9 at the end lol) i am actually a humble and logically intelligent being who meditates regularly)
    Submarine Warfare veteran & current Computer Science major here (so no i am not some 19 year old college kid :p).
    I registered last year without even knowing what black hat or seo means. I served 5 years in Submarine Warfare
    as an information technician. Although i was just a peon (yes sir, no sir), i had access to all information about
    everything. What I've confirmed in those 5 years of blindly following orders is that the power that controls the
    camouflaged people are beyond political power (hail corporate?). I mean 10 percent of the wealthiest own 75
    percent of all the wealth and all i hear from high chin 'brass' is "we need funding here and we need funding
    there." Don't get me wrong, military living was great. Money was never an issue and benefits were undeniably
    delightful. The wealthy loves our military. The 'funding' was evidently focused on military. They upgraded so
    much crazyand expensive toys! It's like they were preparing for something big. This certain focus of funding
    from the 'Gods' is screwing a of people. Sorry i tend to blab about this stuff. If you want to chat about this
    stuff lets do so privately before you know who makes me disappear.


    I only came to download instagram bots to tinker with and crack and code and do things i want. My sister got
    her IG account to 20k+ followers and and i only got 10k in 1 month. I ended up deleting mine because i
    needed to study calculus 3. My sister on the other hand is a different story. All her friends thought she was
    getting famous, including her new followers. Some of those people would even post screenshots of my sister
    following them back because 'omg' she is famous. 70% were probably ghost followers but the illusion stands
    nonetheless. 1 year later, she gets hired for modelings gigs and found herself a modeling agent. Beautiful.

    5 days ago, i put down my Android App project and came back and became overly determined to master black
    hat seo since it seems to weave well with people who know how to code. 18 hours a day of reading and
    experimenting. It was a 5 day roller coaster of ups (motivated) and downs (discouragement). Just like most
    noobs, i was looking for someone to post exactly how to do everything because the information were
    overwhelming. No body wants to share the real secrets and the secrets that are shared are usually outdated
    or a money making campaign.
    There are certainly helpful ideas here but it's also mixed in with all the bs. I've pushed though and found the
    info in other means and i'm finally starting to see through the bs. I am sitting in front my computer with a
    beautiful niche and i finally see a big picture on how to take action and what i need to do to start making
    money. I see the loads of work ahead but atleast i know its not multiple quick money making schemes that
    wastes time. Now i want to emerge myself in this site and actively network with each and one of you. I Have
    many ideas and questions alike. I wanted to message specific people with questions but it wont allow me
    because i have less than 15 posts...cmooon BHW. I was going to post my journey thread here but i might as
    well make it a different post to get my 15. Can i post journey threads here?
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  2. 2spoons

    2spoons Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Sep 9, 2013
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    Welcome and good luck! just start a new thread for your journey I'll look out for it.
  3. albireo108

    albireo108 Newbie

    Aug 14, 2014
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    Glad to have you here! Thought about going into computer science myself at one point. Calc 3 definitely was a rough class. Definitely post some journey threads on your endeavors when you get the chance. Good luck to you and again, welcome!