One year IM life,I'm still noob,but want to share some experience.

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    I forgot when I join the BHW, but doing IM just one year (still my parttime job).One year ago,I was a fully newbie,knew nothing about IM. After join BHW, I have learnt many many things that help me pretty much. For now,I just make around $30-50 per day(not very steady),it is not a good grades (I think I am a little distracted),and also can not compare to many people here (so many guys joined after me,but did pretty good work).

    But I have some good tips for newbies (I mean really really new one,totally have no idea how to start)

    1.Search button is your good friend. Use some keywords combination like "make money twitter";"make money facebook" etc.

    2.Do you see the sticky threads on the top of board? Yes, read it and don't forget the replies, there are many useful informations among them.

    3.At the bottom of this board, you can see this: 123.jpg
    Yes, choose the option "sort by thread rating",then click button "show threads". You will get the treasure list of BHW.This one help me much and what I am doing now is learning from here.(Of course there are a little craps in the list, you can easily judge by reply,don't be worry)

    At last, take action. I am not a guru, so I have nothing very specific mathod to give out (What I am doing, all in the list).Just some tips which help me in the last year,and hope to help new ones here too.

    Sorry for my bad english,and happy new year!!!
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