One verse that motivates me and can relate to all of us.

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    This is one of my favorite verses from one of my favorite songs. It always motivates me, and I feel like it can motivate you all too. I thought I would share it with you all. I know some of you listen to music while working like I do.

    I want the money, money, money I want a whole lot of that
    All the honeys they askin' where the dollars at
    Where yo' head at, tell me 'bout your styling cap
    Tryna find a way but u never got a map
    Dream chaser, risk taker
    No favor, though haters
    They might want me to drown
    Holdin' me down
    But the throne and the crown
    Is all I ever wanted, all I ever needed
    If I'm the only one and don't nobody else believe it
    Then keep it a secret nd watch me achieve it
    'Cause I know what I want now
    So if you want the money
    If you gotta make If you the only one and dont nobody else believe it
    Then tell em to beat it And watch you achieve it Sing it if you want
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