One stupid newbie need your help, guys

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by frooshontay, Jan 27, 2009.

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    Ok straight to the point, I've just received an email from R0I R0cket regarding my application to become an affiliation. Here's the message:

    Since I'm a noob in affiliate marketing, I need your help to find the proper answer for those question, PLEASE help me..

    Thank you
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    Mar 5, 2007
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    find another sponsor, srsly
  3. lewi

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    Aug 5, 2008
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    1.How long have you been participating in Affiliate Marketing?
    Last few months really but saw your company and it interested me to start using you over the others.

    2.How many hours per week do you spend on affiliate marketing efforts?
    Really depends on the week but im looking to outsource alot of the work. However a few hours per day usually.

    3.Are you currently working with any other CPA networks at this and if so, who?
    Clickbank and thats it at the moment but wanted to move to more reputable companies.

    4.What is your preferred method of promoting CPA offers? Email, Banners, Text or Pay Per Click?
    PPC i have been using alot of lately but also banners and article marketing has proved sucesfull.

    5.Do you incentivize offers on your website?
    I have done when using clickbank but can easily adapt any of my methods ive previously used to incentivize or not depending on the offer.

    6.Do you have adult content within your website?
    No and never will

    7. About how many unique visitors do you get per month?
    I have many projects and some are harder to monitor as they are articles in article directory's and not all methods are just about visitor count. So would depend on the offer to what sort of numbers i will be generating.

    8.Who would you say is your target market?
    Depends completely on the offers available to me and that will depend on who i market to and what methods.

    9.What are your monetary goals for the month while working with ROI Rocket?
    Of course earn money and maybe if possible switch my currently setup projects to use your company over others.

    10.If you promote via PPC campaigns, then how much money do you spend per week on keywords?
    Again this as you should know depends on a wide variety of things. I would need to test the market first and then check ratio's and see whats converting before putting big money on the table.

    11.If you promote via PPC, then what is your average return on investment as compared to your weekly spending?
    See above answer

    12.Do you have an Email list?
    Yes but normally like to make separate targeted lists for different niches etc.

    13.What is the size of your email list and how did you obtain it?
    I would prefer to keep this to myself however a simple landing page mixed with aweber i normally use works well.

    14.Is your email list single opt-in or double opt-in?
    double opt-in of course

    15.How many sites do you own? What are they?
    Only a few at the moment as making money with your company doesn't have to involve my sites directly as there are many channels available to me. I refuse to disclose all my sites to you.

    16.How do you drive traffic to your sites?
    Depends entirely on the site but some via forums, other article marketing, others pcc it all depends on the site and the niche.

    17.Which sites give you the most business?
    Prefer not to give out this personal information.

    18.What type of offers are you looking to promote?
    Everything and anything, if i see that there is a market for it and i can actively promote to that market then i will do that. If not then i will move onto the next one.

    19.What types of offers have produced the best results for you in the past?
    Clickbank is a bit different to your company so i cannot accurately say.

    20.How much are you making in commissions with other CPA networks?
    would prefer to keep this information personal.

    21.How did you hear about ROI Rocket and what made you want to work with us?
    was recommended by a good friend of mine.

    Now then man i think you should be accepted with this :) and you should be paying me alot of money too if you do
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    Oct 3, 2008
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    lewi, quit filling out newbie CPA apps and make some damn autoblogs LOL
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    thank you so much man, I'll respond to their questions now. Oh and if I make a lot of money from this affiliate, I'll share some with you. Again, thank you so much.