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One single crucial factor most of you newbies forget when it comes to making money.

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by ┼blackrat┼, Oct 7, 2010.

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    Jul 31, 2010
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    Money has to come from somewhere. Period.

    Whether it is a huge corporation like google, cpa networks or normal people buying stuff from you, money will ONLY come if you give them something of equal or higher value.

    What could it be?

    Well, internet marketing offers plenty of options. For networks, they want leads, for real people, products. They could be either people who click ads or well designed websites, adsense earning websites, autoblogs, and an infinity of other physical and digital products like ebooks and so on.

    What´s needed for you to make the connection between having a product/service and getting money from it? Effort, Knowledge, Action, Patience, a bit of luck and many, many other factors you should be already figuring out on your own right now.

    You see? Money won´t fall down from the sky. It has to come from somewhere.

    And it´ll only come IF, and only IF you present something of equal or higher value to the money source. Never forget that and you´ll be on your way to profits. Of course you can be a scammer and get away with it, but I honestly believe that what goes around always comes around and I´d feel sorry for your ass when it´s payback time.

    It is possible to make money on the internet, it´s been proven over and over, just don´t forget that in life, everything has its price. Autopilot exists, but I haven´t heard of one single case where ppl reached it before hard work.

    The only place where money comes before work is in the dictionary.

    Other than that, study BHW. I´m live proof that it´ll +99% of the times pay off big time. I first started here with less IM marketing knowledge than you can imagine. Nowadays I have a stable source of cash that I can do whatever it is that I want from it. It´s not much, but it´s scalable, and guess what? I´m working my ass off to make it happen. Other than that, I have ran into people who really added to me as a human being with their share of thoughts/methods. I believe I also helped many.

    Before asking a question, use the search. If it´s newbish, it probably has been already answered zillions of times. And having these answered over and over again won´t make the forum evolve. It pisses off members and you most likely won´t like the answers you´ll get.

    (I decided to write this after seeing this Thread, and so many others that are popping out recently.)


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