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One of the reasons why honest people give up

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Genek1, Jul 17, 2014.

  1. Genek1

    Genek1 Newbie

    Jul 16, 2014
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    I have a very large subscriber base and I have been getting blacklisted on a few blacklist sites so I contacted one of them to do 2 things. 1) Demonstrate I'm a real person who is not trying to create spam and 2) Get help to figure out what I can do to improve my mail. The BL site I have been in contact with is dnswl. They don't know me, yet in all their responses they have been short and rude but I still thought they were trying to help me clear my IP's. However, after about 4 exchanges they shut me down with what would make anyone feel hopeless. So I wanted to share this and tell others not to let people like this bring you down. Shake it off and keep going. People who have even a little bit of power, often tend to abuse it and treat others with little to no respect. Below is the last email they sent me and my response to them. I probably haven't helped my case with my response LOL, but it just rubs me the wrong way when people act like this person did.

    Bottom line is don't let anyone get you down. If you have a goal and you have a plan and you are honestly trying to succeed, keep going and stay confident.

    Here is the last email I received from them.
    That "had" legitimate subscribers, ...

    -> (I'm not allowed to post URL's here yet so I removed the link they had here to info about spam lists)
    -> (same)

    Sites for you to read.

    (I removed the link they had here with my blacklist report)

    multirbl shows like most (if not all) blacklists available - your IP
    was on (8) blacklists the other day, but today, it has raised to more than
    double (17), and most reputation sites has turned onto a critical/very high
    risk for your IP address.

    We may conclude that you have absolutely no control over your mailing systems
    and that it went rogue, we therefore have no ways of assisting you with adding
    you onto dnswl

    Case closed.

    Here is my response to them.
    You are basing a decision on speculation and "may conclude"?

    Here are some facts for you.

    1) This was a verified seller. I didn't blindly buy this over a forum. Would a fraud seller disclose their personal info?
    2) This seller has been working with me on a DAILY basis for the past month to help me get setup and is still working with me every single day. Would a fraud do that?
    3) This mailing list has been transferred from established IP addresses to brand new IP addresses. That alone throws up red flags.
    4) The law of averages is against me due to the volume of daily newsletters I send out, that I write myself I might add! So no matter what I do, I can not avoid having some people click spam.
    5) I have emails from huge companies hit my spam every single day. Companies like Engadget, Gizmondo, Sony Online Entertainment, Twitter, bulk newsletters from mass mail services like Mailchimp just to name a few.
    Here are the results for Twitter which is blacklisted on 17 as well.
    (I removed the link I sent to with the Twitter blacklist report)
    Shall we conclude that they also have no control over their mailing systems? Maybe Twitter has gone rogue? You should probably shut them down with a "case closed"!
    6) Interesting how a small time trying to build my business individual like me and a huge company like Twitter both have an IP blacklisted 17 times. I think fact #5 proves that we shouldn't simply "conclude".
    7) When you and I started talking my rDNS was not working. I resolved that within hours of our first conversation. Is that one of the facts you used to determine that I have no control over my mailing system?
    8) If you stand 50 yards away from a wall and try to throw 50,000 rocks at it, you are not going to hit it with every single rock. So would that mean we should conclude that you can't throw?

    Ever since I contacted you, even through your short and rude sounding emails I honestly thought you have been trying to help me. But looking back now, all you've been doing for the past week is knit picking one or two words out of every response I sent you. Do you think you've been talking to a robot? Do you want me to fill in a captcha. Maybe my obviously human responses are not convincing enough.

    This is one of the biggest reasons why honest people fail at trying to build a business like this, because someone pretends to be helping but instead all they are doing is judging based on a few conversations. If you really wanted to help people fix their problems and help them figure out why they are getting blacklisted, you would not be making conclusions. I never asked for special treatment, I never expected to simply be cleared just because I asked nicely. But like I extend to everyone I work with, I expect to be extended the benefit of the doubt and a chance to fix what is broken. I guess I need to conclude that's not what your blacklist site is about. It seems like years of spam history has created so much hate, that you just don't care who the real spammers are and who the honest business people are and you just lock them all into one room and throw away the key.

    Thanks for your time. Have a good day.
  2. eimFlood

    eimFlood Junior Member

    Dec 21, 2012
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    That's why it's better to throw 50,000,000 rocks.

    In all seriousness, though, it sounds like you got a list from someone who didn't do a good job of maintaining it or just straight up scraped it. If you're showing up in that many blacklists, you must be hitting spamtraps like crazy. Your listings are not from people just clicking a this-is-spam button. If you're determined to make use of that list, my suggestion is to start with a list hygiene service to clean out any obvious crap, and then sacrifice a bunch of IPs to extract the subscribers who are still alive and responsive. If your list is only 50K in size, you should break it up into 10 chunks of 5K each and mail each chunk on a separate set of IPs to see if you can narrow down where the traps might be while you extract your responders. Just a suggestion.
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