One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure Method

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    This is my 100th post! I love this site. Been here over a year learning new things. Trying new things. Never giving up. I still don't know why I hold on to my day job since I make more now thru what I know but here you go. I've done some research on this and you can make money with this method. You just need to put in some time.

    I think site flipping for one it's all about finding things that people don't want and turning them into jewels. I see day in and day out domains no one wants and they are ending around .99cents or bid on once or twice up to 5.99. I got thinking if I'm paying somewhere in the $7.25 - $9.00 dollar range for a new domain off of GoDaddy why don't I just take there domains and make them better. I'd make more money on the backend then try to quickly flip a domain that no one got. So with this I came up with the "One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure Method":

    Things You Must Do:
    1) Buy A Pretty Decent Domain Name off of Ebay for .99 - 5.00 I see lots ending in that range. There lose since it's hard to promote and buy the name. Much cheaper then GoDaddy $7.25- $9.00 bucks

    2) Actually Put Like An Hour or Two of work put up a MFA, Ebay, Amazon Affiliate Program on the site. Make it a template site.s

    3) Run Some Traffic To it For a few days to a week and build some backlinks i.e Social Networking, Xrumer Campaign.

    4) Now That You have traffic and a site flip it on another site like DP or Sitepoint or Retry Ebay with a makeover. Put A Visitor Counter on the site so they know they have traffic coming in.

    What it looks like to me is that you buy lower during times when demand is low and vistors are low on ebay and sell high on another site.

    Plan A)If you rinse and repeat you've just cut your cost down since you don't have to buy a new domain or a dumped domain at the cost of $.99 - 6.00 dollars so you save a few bucks there 2-4 x 100 = $200-$400 in savings. You don't have to do research on what just got dumped. Time Saver. You makeover the site and flip it somewhere else or better on ebay for $20 or $40 bucks. So now you've streamline your process and cut your cost and the same time.

    Plan B)This is my favorite because you can keep making money off your customers. I've noticing that some of the marketing pitches are not so hot so they lose.Giving a little content on the site could increase the profit a little and you could also offer hosting if you have a reseller account which then could give you residual income. Charge them $9.99 per month if they do it all up front or $12.00 per month if it's month to month on hosting and $15 or $40 for the site. If they will host for just a year that's 11 x $9.99 = $109.89 or $132 bucks for the year(Hopefully they won't cancel) If you're scared then just only offer it at $6.99 - $9.99 per month up front only. You'll still get people that want to do it because they don't know shit from shineola when it comes to websites or making money online 95% of the time. Plus! Plus you just made $15-40 off the site!

    *As an incentive bonus if they host with you give them the 1st month free like you rented a place that's a good deal that no one is offering.

    After awhile you can do this.. refer them to a Affiliate Program and cash in. Send an email saying "Hey I looked at your site and I think there's a affiliate program XXXX on CJ, Linkshare, etc. that would be a big money maker on your site. Here's the link to sign up hxxp:// . After getting accepted you cash in on the referal and they win on another program on there site. You can even offer to put up the banners if you want. I dunno. What that takes like 2-5mins. if you know what your doing. So it's a win-win situtation. If you had 100 people do this that's a good turn out of money as well. I'd say 99% of the time they will sign up. A)You've got there trust B) For Fuck Sake Your The HostMaster you must be right!

    Plan C) Don't want to hassell with hosting someone then do this shit!

    "Hey thanks for buying my domain. If you don't already have a host you should goto hostgator or blue-I'll-fuck-you-up-the-ass hosting they have the best service, good prices on hosting. If you want to check it out <a href="">click here</a>"

    Last time I checked you'd get around $100 dollar comis on hosting. Let's say you do 100 and only 10 signed up that's $1,000 bucks right there.

    Final Thoughts: This my philosophy you don't make the money off the domain! This is debatable, unless you have the ultimate name. You use the site as your opt-in. It's even better then a opt-in because you're building a relationship with the people you host. There's more trust then some dam e-mail. You're there landlord. Plus it's better then a membership site because you don't have to keep coming up with content to some site you don't even give a fuck about!

    Bottom line - Take from failed ebay auctions domain auctions and there's a lot to choose from! hehe and makeover and improve the site plus offer more. The hosting and then referal of affiliate programs to them is key. Some sites I know offer a % of there total so if they make money you make money. Another Win-Win.
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    Job? Whats a job?
    I wasn't aware of the ebay tip. Nice one!
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    Wow, great method. Thanks for laying it all out "blueprint" style.
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    I really love this idea. It makes A LOT of sense.

    I am really good at designing websites, but I lose interest faster than a "greased cheetah from Kenya" I don't know if I would want to do reseller hosting but rather refer them to hostgator etc. But the flip side of that is offering an update service along with the hosting.

    And no, most people don't know shit from shinola when it comes to web design. And those who do have no CLUE how to make it happen.
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    okay now im going to run and sell that on d*p-
    Great method once a person get this down pat I would outsource alot of this though becouse it is like lead generation esp if you have the know how to set up autoblogs in a niche it should be easy to hand off at least 80% to some else @ 8.00 per hour.

    It's easy just apply one of them fancy traffic ebooks (mmo) ebooks . Make it look all pretty with a killer template and videos.
    Just a thought

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    This method once once sold as an ebook on DP for $99.

    i think it is shared here on BHW too.