One interspire or seperate installations?

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    My objective is this: I will extract emails using an extractor and then blast them to my lists using interspire. However, the emails will have an opt-out link. I want to maintain a second email list using interspire (potential customers list), this will be a list of my current clients as well as people from my list who respond to my messages (I can add these manually). These people will then be removed from my "blast lists". The "Potential customers list" will be used to keep current clients up-to date and people who respond to us, while the blast list will be used for getting attention of new clients.

    My question is, should I install two separate interspire versions on different VPS'es for this or can I maintain multiple lists on one?

    What are the risks of either option?
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    i sugeest you use one. not two.
    use the same ip to send to the same address.