On The Importance Of Stifling Virgins' Links

Discussion in 'Copywriting & Sales Persuasion' started by Infoprenerd, Aug 30, 2016.

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    I'm still finding my way around on this forum, but like many logging on today, I've received my Link Alert message.

    If you've missed it, here is the deal.

    Before you can make links in your posts, you require 15 posts of your own under your belt to prove you're not a spammer.

    Speaking personally, I find this an irritation, because I deeply want nothing more than for the whole planet to come look in on what I have going down over at my cyberweb hangout.

    A simple link would get you over there immediately, without you having to do that slightly less convenient thing you know it's possible to do.

    But there is wisdom in this ruling, because not every link submitted by an abject noob is guaranteed to connect to a repository of undeniable quality.

    Some links will lead only to porno, others will access scammers with machine guns, and still more will dump you in the Universe's Greatest Ever Vogon Poetry Forum and infect your webcam with a lisp.

    The people behind these misguided endeavors are the ones most likely to struggle with contributing 15 cogent and readable posts, and we neither want them, need them, love them, nor wish them to die slow and painful deaths on the outskirts of some swampy oblivion where their screams will go unwitnessed.

    In any case, the best kind of link you can ever have is the conduit between your ideas and the reflective power of others, as manifested in some fluid and manipulable medium (and because BHW is not a contemporary art or metallurgy forum, that medium is WORDS).

    From a marketing perspective, this 15 post rule offers those of us here with no desire to push porno or Vogon Poetry the opportunity to bend the rules creatively.

    So to hell with spammy links.

    Let there be only persuasion, opportunity and reasoned choice.

    By mutual consent.
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    We have seen enough of all the spammers and their first post. The 15 post restriction is the best upgrade in recent times.