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    Mar 30, 2009
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    Hi, just wanted to share something funny I found while surfing. I punched in 'make money online' in google, and saw "www.makemoneywithgregg.com".

    Anyways, standard "make money" pitch page, but look at the magazine.. he went to magmypic.com and made a fake magazine cover! :D Soo, let's see.. He "cracked the code" to make $1,000,000/yr online at home, yet had to go to a free 'paste my face on a fake magazine' site. Hmmm.. I guess, if I actually had that much money, I'd have at least hired a freelancer for $50 to make a custom photoshopped mag cover. Oh, but I'm 100% sure those testimonials are real!!! Yep.

    Just thought I'd share! :)
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