On-Page SEO Post Penguin? (+ Keyword Research)

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by directaxcess, Aug 24, 2012.

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    Without too much of an introduction, lets get right to the example of keyword "make money online" and all relevant keywords including "how to make money" etc. We all know that since the Penguin update, search results for a lot of queries have changed drastically; and especially for anything related to "making money online". The results that were on page 1 for any of those keywords pre-penguin have pretty much been blasted off.

    What you see ranking on the first page now are basically websites that are not in their entirety related to making money online -- but merely have one or maybe two articles based on the topic but they still rank on the first page for these extremely profitable keywords. If you browse any of these websites, you'll find that they barely use the keywords (both seed and relevant) on their on-page; it's not in their navigation, their categories are not named after keywords.. basically, "money" has been mentioned very few times.

    This is where it gets confusing however... how are these sites ranking on the first page over the websites that are actually related to that keyword (make money online)? They are not optimized (on-page) wise as they don't even have keywords in their title tags or anything. Let's take another keyword example relevant to the main keyword: "how to make money on eBay" which is an actual keyword with a good amount of searches. If someone were to write a post on that topic, would they use that FULL keyword in their title because it not only makes sense, but it's actually a profitable keyword as well -- or would you use something like "how to establish a business on eBay" which actually doesn't have any keywords? Would Google pick up the relation between that and "how to make money on eBay" and start ranking your site for that keyword -- or would this be dependent on off-page SEO? What if we were going WHITE HAT and NOT doing any off-page SEO ourselves -- then how does Google decide that your page is actually relevant to the keyword "how to make money on eBay" and even though you're smart enough to include keywords in your content, Google will PUNISH you for doing on-page SEO which you wasted time and bothered to learn (it makes no sense).

    Anyone want to share their opinions on how to do on-page SEO post penguin and maybe even keyword research? Going again with my keyword example above, you couldn't just have a website with a category of "make money online" and put all your posts in there (like 101waystomakemoney used to) because I doubt that would rank now a days. Say you had like 50+ ideas on how to make money online, and had 50+ posts ready to go, how would you organize these into proper categories and have good on-page SEO? Sorry if I sound a little confusing, but if you don't understand what I meant in this post, just ask me and I will clarify it. Until then, I'm off to analyze more results for search queries and try to find common ranking factors :).
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    This seems very true, but perhaps only for some niches?