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Jan 14, 2009
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Currently ranking 11/12th for our main kw.

no quotes: About 4,300,000 results (0.13 seconds)

"": About 1,350,000 results (0.25 seconds)

I have taken our client from like 298 in june to 12th today. It seems to be flittering between 11/12th but never on the 1st page of results. It is a bespoke ecommerce site, coded in house.

Mostly using angela and pauls links every month, and find my own with scrapebox. I dont do anything real aggressive cos i dont want to kill their site as we get a % of sales.

I have gone through competitors backlinks and got the ones i can.. niche directories etc. Only thing i havent done is build shitty 3 post blogs and link back to the ecom with the main kw. seems that is a popular method as all the comp do it.

I have brand-KW dot com for all the brands we sell. should i slap on a wp, some bs articles and anchor back? The comp have links from sites that are blatently selling links. I dont want to go that route, but if it will help im all ears.

Of the top 10, 4 are real big walmart type superstores.. (john lewis, comet etc) 5 are direct competition (similar sized operation), one is a poxy review site covered in ads.(!!)

MS ss of the top ten:


Open to suggestions and have cookies for the good ideas!
Build backlinks to your backlinks to give them more juice. You want to push those backlinks that are pointed at our site and the only way to do that is to backlink them with other links.

Example: You car runs out of gas three blocks from the gas station. You have a buddy in the car and he pushes while you steer. A guy standing around offers to help and the car is moved easier by two guys instead of one. Another guy shows up to help and now the car is even easier to push to your destination.

Do the same with your backlinks as is happening with the out of gas car.

I call that linkpushing by the way... it's all about stronger link juice.
nice one. will give that a try.

When linking to my links should i be using main kws, minor ones or random? Does it not matter as long as they are linked from somewhere?
Use varied (random) keywords that you are trying to rank for... for instance "columbian coffee", "Hazelnut coffee" etc. You could pick up a backlink package of sites with decent PR and not a boatload of outbound links on BHW in the BST section I am sure.

I, personally, would be writing a bunch of articles and posting them on directories and web 2.0 properties. That way you could get direct targeted traffic from the articles as well as backlinks from the articles.
i have a few on ezine and my client will write what i ask him to. I thought article marketing was a bit dead unless you pay for premium approvals etc. or is this not the case?

Can i post the same article in multiple paces or is it better to spin it?

Another ecom we run has followed a similar trend. same kind of seo done to it, also stuck on page 2 at 16. completely different niche.
blog posts (not comments)

Give your website some authority...
You will build up like 100 authority backlinks, order 5 blog posts, maybe 1-2 Ezine and you are in top 5.

Good Luck !!!
Build backlinks to your backlinks to give them more juice. You want to push those backlinks that are pointed at our site and the only way to do that is to backlink them with other links.

True, I have checked this method to my own website, it's working really fine, Google values the links really well. So just making a foundation for the links will help a lot. . I appreciate you mate. . Thanks
Been looking into making a wiki page for the company but it seems that is frowned upon. Anyone have any experience with wikipedia and getting approved?

The shop has been around since the 1940s and they are the importer for several huge brands. Would it be best to focus on that?

oooh or maybe i could drop a link on the brand page stating that we are the official uk importer/distributor.

Seems having a wiki page chatting about the company is a nono.
Article marketing is all I do and I am on pg 1 for a boatload of keywords... I happen to be a premium member on ezine but that is not necessary at all... I am because of a certain strategy. I use a bunch of different ghost names and have over 4,000 articles up there. After submitting and getting published, you can spin those articles and article titles and publish them on a variety of WEb 2.0 properties and article directories.

Make sure that you promote your ezine articles with backlinks!

Wikipedia is a funny place... I've edited some pages there and even have links to some of my sites there but at times I can't get anything done so I don't personally mess with that much.. maybe someone has a better strategy for that.
nice. getting some great tips here. 4k articles! whoa. I have like 3. :D
today i was going to impliment all the advice given here, but it seems the googlebots have answered my prayers and im sitting at #10!


Now im going to do all the stuff mentioned in this thread and see where i end up.

The only noteable thing i did was use the rapid indexer feature of scrapebox on all the successful profiles i have created. That was beginning of last week so maybe that gave me a nice little boost.

insert big grin.

I have stuck at it and am now sitting at number 4 in .co.uk and 3 .com for my main keyword. Sweet.

I have continued the angela and pauls and been using scrapebox to find similar good profile pages. A good trick is to find old dormant profiles that allow visitor messages. I got quite a few nice links with a bit of experimentation. also follow other people. I found a few more by using marketsamurai on the url they are. Check they actually rank first though.

Im about to try this link pushing idea.

I have scraped about 64k blog engine pages found with the keyword thing and manually posted on the pr4s and 5s with my main kwords to the main site.

With the pr1-3 i have a list of about 3k and im going to use the auto commenter to post links to the profiles I have made. Using related keywords as anchors, not the main kw like on the profiles.

Be intersting to see what this does :D

With the ton of n/a sites i have whats the best thing to do with those? use them to post to the previous run with names as comments and hope one day they do something?
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