On Friday I will have USD$45 to spend...

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    Hi everyone, finally got some Fiverr funds cleared into my PayPal account and some more on Friday this week. $45 might not seem like much but I'm looking to spend it on something that will get me to rank highly in localised search engines (namely Google.co.nz, Bing.co.nz and http://nz.search.yahoo.com/), and am wondering what the best services will be that will help with this. I have never purchased any services from anyone in my time here on BHW but have thought about it for long enough and now I'm prepared to bite the bullet :). If you are a reputable member with a good iTrader, positive reviews etc please PM me for more info.

    I am majoring in Computer Science and have spent the last 4 years practising and growing my web design and development skills, so some mentoring on that and SEO will also be good as well. I have a handful of clients already but am wanting to improve my own site to attract more clients. Over the years I have shown a greater preference towards the coding and "back end" as opposed to graphic design (though I enjoy that too), so some designing advice for my site would also be good (PM please). If you plan on giving me this advice, please write a thorough, clear and concise text with examples (what I currently have and what I should do to improve/change them etc), and constructive criticism. By Constructive criticism I mean to not write a one-liner sentence (eg "Your site is bullshit mate") but actually something of substance (rather like the last sentence).