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    Sep 19, 2009
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    I have joined last week, but I couldn't make a thread or post a reply because I was not activated.
    I thought BHW is not allowing anymore members to the forum.
    Well? My account got activated today, after that LONG lurking and not getting involved in the forum.

    Since I have joined this forum, I made additional +$200 per month, and this made me to be a $500+/month making Internet marketer.

    Still got a long way to go, but with all of you, this seems not too far away.

    Thank you and I'm ready to SHARE some REAL SHIT.

    Edit:Just checked download for members section, and I'm just overwhelmed by all those useful stuff. Thank you, and I look forward becoming a donated VIP
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    Hey rebecca:

    Welcome to the Darkside of Internet Marketing :)

    I am sure that you'll find some great ideas and great people here. And from your post, it sounds like you will be contributing some stuff soon. We like that.

    Enjoy Your Stay On The Greatest Internet Marketing Forum In The Galaxy!


    Your New Friend - "WizGizmo"