Olufunsho obasanjo new here!

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    Hello im Olufunsho Obasanjo newbie here. it's nice to be a
    part of this community. hope you all have a good day! and i Hope to be
    friends with you all in this site..

    Dr. Olufunsho Obasanjo
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    Never too long in one place.
    Lemme guess, Nigeria?

    What are you a doctor in?
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    Hi Doc, welcome.
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    This guy seem to be spamming all forum. He's an imposter, hes not the real Olufunsho Obasanjo, fool

    Sex Scandal: Bank MD beats wife over affairs with Obasanjo's daughter

    Unity Bank MD's Marriage In Crisis, As Wife Accuses Him Of Sleeping With former President Olusegun Obasanjo's Daughter

    According to a new report a sex scandal is allegedly threatening to tear apart the marriage of Unity Bank's MD Henry James Semenitari.

    The report stated that the peace and tranquility in the marriage of Unity Bank's boss Henry Semenitari has been put to serious test as the wife of the MD has relocated because of the strong suspicion that her husband was having a serious illicit affair with Dr Olufunsho Obasanjo, a Non Executive Director of the bank.

    Investigations reveal that Mrs Semenitari feels strongly that it was Dr Obasanjo's strong connections that brought her husband the job in the 1st instance and she noticed also that the latter seemed to accompany her husband on all his major foreign trips.

    It is gathered that initially, her husband told her that it was the strong connect of Dr Obasanjo he needed to revamp the bank to a good state, hence the ‘close relationship' between them.

    But the suspicious wife unconvinced, decided to keep her close tab on her husband and Dr Obasanjo using an aide. The aide in question is reported to have lost his job due the time devoted to gathering all the information needed on the love birds.

    When the MD was confronted by his wife who presented her findings, it was alleged that he gave her the beating of her life and sent all his aides packing, as a result of the merciless beatings, the MD's wife is alleged to have relocated . However, concerned friends and family have in the last few days stepped in to restore peace and reconcile the couple. As at press time, it could not be confirmed if she has moved back to her matrimonial home or not.
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