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Discussion in 'Offline Marketing' started by laxj11, Jun 9, 2009.

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    I was just reading a thread about selling otter pops and it reminded me of an idea i had a while back...

    I saw an ice cream man and thought to myself how stupid he was for not timing any visits, and just driving around the streets like a freaking moron.

    I figured that being an ice cream man would be easy and I could make bank doing it, but then i thought of all the expenses and ditched that idea because i am too lazy to do that.

    So i kept thinking of ways to sell impulse items with high demand like an ice cream man on a hot summer day... My brothers play sports and my parents are always at the sports fields in the cold morning, and end up staying there all day. There are literally hundreds of families that will pass through a sports park on a good Saturday or Sunday.

    My idea was to get like two turkey fryers and make hot coffee in one, hot chocolate in the other (parents will dole out cash to shut their children up). I also would bring a cooler filled with ice packs along with otter pops, ice cream, cookies, and soda and water.

    The need is very high and the placement is perfect. never followed through; but once i get my license i might....


    oh yeah, and then you can start pimping friends and stuff to go sell at other parks. tell em they earn like 40% give em 30
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    This is a good strategy, any suburb that is filled with kids is bound to have countless sporting events going on, many of which are all consolidated into one park area. There is a decent chunk of cash to be made for anyone who gets licensed as a concessions vendor and actually uses their license to its potential haha...

    i might want to try this, thank you for the showing me the obvious opportunity in this idea as i would've not thought of it otherwise... there are no jobs this summer and I know this would make way more then any BS high school summer job for sure

    thanks again for the valuable post
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    A business permit i guess from the place where you are located.Business is everywhere and small becomes big when you work hard for it.
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    there are people who do well with lunch trucks at construction sites too. Ice cream truck was an idea i once had too, but didn't follow through with.
    Definitely there money to be made selling things at the right place at the right time. I think you have the right idea. Just check with your city hall to make sure you get the right permits or else they'll shut it down.
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    alot of sports areas have consession stands. so they may not want you there. might want to check on that first.
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    you're also likely going to need a license from the local health department of every community you sell in. Many times these are county wide permits for "mobile catering services".

    In my area, you also need to have a "kitchen manager" license - take a course in safe food handling. $200 but good for 3 years.

    And don't forget liability insurance - you won't believe what you can be sued for!
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    sounds like a great strategy