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Old Site name appeneded to lots of searches "2015 Site Name"

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by nichetom, Mar 4, 2016.

  1. nichetom

    nichetom Newbie

    Jul 7, 2009
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    So this has been driving me crazy! I can't find anywhere this old site name / title is still active, heck I just did a complete reinstall of all plugins, wordpress, database, everything this week.

    I've searched all the obvious places for a wordpress install - searched the database - etc.

    I've had the homepage re-index dozens of times since complete removal everywhere - It's time to start looking outside the box for what may be causing this.

    Any ideas? If anything we can create a master list of possible places for other people to reference.

    So lets start with where I've looked:

    - wordpress settings everywhere!
    - wordpress database (should contain all plugins and site settings really no - so its not on site anywhere?)
    - webmaster tools / analytics / adsense / adwords / google accounts
    - facebook/twitter/google plus
    - allintitle: search to see any web property that might share the appended title, NOPE
    - fetched as google in webmaster tools, no where in code
    - noodp meta tag (in case was dmoz related?)
    - no structured data schema markup
    - looked at archive of page source for when the title was this - no specific markup
    - logo image name - image data
    - sitemap
    - rss feeds
    - blog author profile
    - gravatar profile attached to site in any way

    So I'm at a loss, can this just be because of old links built to site perhaps? That seems very irresponsible, a company name change for instance is important... for me its appending 2015 to lots of stuff which very well may cause people to believe its outdated for example.

    Failing to find any reasonable explanation I guess I shall build a second list here and start pumping 2016 into them lol - places you can identify your site name in markup or properties that google might take into consideration:

    Ideas of where to identify your site name

    - schema.org "website" markup for "name" attribute and "alternatename" attribute (use very short name for alternate name?)
    - schema.org "organization" markup for "name" attribute
    - google remove url from webmaster tools and then allow reindex
    - noarchive meta tag then allow reindex
    - naming various areas where you tell google your url (analytics, search console, adsense, etc)
    - facebook open graph?
    - twitter card?
    - google plus page?
    - wordpress general settings
    - title tag (duh)
  2. T2tkid

    T2tkid Elite Member

    Oct 13, 2010
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    What SEO plugin are you using? You might want to search for that too :)
  3. nichetom

    nichetom Newbie

    Jul 7, 2009
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    yoast - it was the first place I looked (and then further deeper looking via database) I'm thinking adding tons of the schema markup (website / organization) in the 3 different formats might be trick here.