Old Jack Currently Climbing The Iron Mountain

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    Well i ain't been online for the last few months and this is the first time i've logged into BHW for ages, so just thought i'd visit, say hi, and let everyone know what old Jack has been up to.

    "All my sailing on the high seas of internet marketing had finally led me to the barren island of zero dollars, after a few years of making thousands of gold coins from various internet plundering adventures, i had finally hit the bottom of the rum bottle.

    While taking time to rest and recuperate on the island of zero dollars, i was suddenly attracted to a very bright gleaming light coming from the top of a very large Iron Mountain that was off in the distance.

    With nothing better to do i decided to take the local transport to the bottom of this Iron Mountain and when i finally arrived i was greeted by a scantily clad wench called Pippa, who was offering a quite large sum of gold for anyone who would accept the challenge of climbing to the top of the iron mountain within 12 weeks.

    Well me being short on the gold stuff and needing to buy some more rum for the festive season for me and my crew, i decided to accept this rather monotonous but easy challenge and have for the last 4 weeks with 14 of my crew been climbing up this Iron Mountain.

    9 hour days of climbing has taken its toll on my knees and my fingers and the person in charge of the climb is a bit of a slave driver, but i'm determined to carry on till the bitter end and the top of the Iron Mountain is already in sight."

    In short I've got a 8 till 5 job doing data entry at Iron Mountain for 12 weeks, but i do like to give my adventures a bit of pizzazz! :D
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    Oh boy =)))))

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    This puts my job at the horseless buggy factory in a much better perspective. Maybe I should do a bit of what you're doing. ;-)