Ok, that's a little bit embarassing

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    Feb 29, 2016
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    Hello guys.
    I bought and setup an EMD domain for an easy local KW and I start to publish content.
    Then I bought a good expiring local domain to use as PBN.
    Expired domain was good: 80+ backlinks from good auth sites.
    Sadly, it was completely unrelated with my niche.
    Anyway, I setup PBN. After few week and after I finish to publish filler contents, I published a post (with link) for "pump" my EMD site.
    I published an article of 600 words. In that article I write 4-5 times my EMD domain name.

    Now few weeks are passed, and now if a search my EMD keyword:
    - In the middle of page 2 I find my PBN post
    - My EMD domain is still nowhere.

    This made me think that maybe with more accurate onpage seo in my PBN post, my article would have rank on page 1.

    Anyway, what do you think guys if I move my EMD content to my PBN site, making this my money site? It should rank or not?

    It's a little bit embarassing that my PBN rank better than my money site though...

    Also, do you think it's OK to use it as money site, even if name and backlinks are not related to the niche I would like to rank for?

    Thank you