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Sep 3, 2009
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i found this at a website just searching through google. and all i can say is WOW this is why i love BHW they seem alot more realistic . This is hilarious This guy is sooo funny. This guy is doing what our member's are doing but he is charging 29.99 and look to how many site's he is promoting. BEfore anybody ask NO I AM NOT THE GUY DOING THE SERVICE NO I HAVE NO TIES TO HIM EITHER, AND NO I HAVE NOT PAID FOR THIS SERVICE I AM NEITHER ENDORSING OR PROMOTING THIS SERVICE. Mods if i am breaking any rules can you please then just delete the information but i thought this was funny.

Super Fast Indexing and Linking Service
We will take your url and submit it via Se nuke and link wheel application and submit your primary 8 keywords , description and article and submit it 8 times in a link wheel loop that will bring you traffic and search engine listings very fast.
We will then take those urls of the submissions and also bookmark them and also your primary URL, giving you a super powerful link wheel setup that will outrank most other sites in your market ( some markets will require more effort).
This allows us to create link clusters, based on each keyword and create strong back links support to and from your main site and submission sites using your anchor text ( keywords) pushing you up in rankings faster then any one link setup even using se nuke. Se nuke does a great job but sometimes the links structure is too wide meaning that it has too many sites included in it to support the keyword. But add them together and we have found that using a strategy we use, to create these loops search engines put more value to each keyword loop or link wheel , and they give high relevance to support your keyword anchor text back to your main site, which gives you better relevance to search engine algorithms and positioning allowing you to take over that keyword faster.
It is always interesting to see how some sites do over time. Our early services were mostly only social book marking sites. Many members have had great success with that submission, but there is always some sites that don't experience results that they wanted.

Now this is mostly due to badly chosen keywords on the site and malformed SEO practices on the actual domain or pages. With any submission there has to be some matching keyword off page and keyword on page relationship.

I have posted this many times but it is worth repeating once again, if you target the wrong keywords , even if you do your own social book marking the out come will be the same, your submissions will be directly targeted at non responsive keywords or possibly filtered by Google or the site themselves for non matching conformity with relation to the keywords/tags chosen at submission time, either from a crawl of your pages to collect the target tags/keywords or from ones input in the submission form.

The Advanced Indexing and Linking now encompasses all previous forms of submissions and adds some advanced techniques that don't rely directly on your sites on page factors by using anchor text back links and also looped and horseshoe formed link wheels.
These are then submitted once again through se nuke to provide backing for those web2.0 sites while also providing back links these strengthen the value Google and other engine place on the back link anchor relationship.
Then we finish it all off with a large scale social book marking campaign to help all urls/sites in the link wheels and your main money site to grab important relational value to your back links and anchor text giving the engines more reason NOT to filter or delete links and this gives you more power in the serps over time.

We have done a massive amount of tests and development to come up with our new services as this is what we use for our own sites and wanted to offer this ( as we are doing it any way for our sites ) to _ _ members to help them get their sites doing better as we know that most _ _ members are not as advanced as we are and could really use the benefit of our knowledge and experience.

Most times we can have your url in the Google index within 24 hours after submission starts.

This is a very advanced and highly effective link solution to advance any site very fast into the search engines especially Google.

What we do:

1. Full Se Nuke Submission to all 1200 sites.
2. Full Link wheel Submission in 18 site loops
3. Full Social Book Marking Demon 5 Submissions to our 10,000 sites

- 824 High PR Sites PR5-PR8
- 724 Private Scuttle Network PR4-PR7
- 600 Scuttle Sites PR1-PR7
- 1000 Scuttle Plus Sites PR1-PR7
- 5900 Pligg Sites PR1-PR7
- Growing List of PHPDug Sites PR1-PR7 - For BMD5 Submissions
- 18+ Site Link wheel PR5-PR8
- 524+ Site Se Nuke Link wheel PR5-PR8
- 50+ RSS Feed Sites
- Ping All URL's and Web 2.0 Sites

1. blog.com
2. blogdrive.com
3. blogger.com
4. blogsome.com
5. goarticles.com
6. hubpages.com
7. knol.google.com
8. livejournal.com
9. myopera.com 10. quizilla.com
11. spaces.live.com
12. squidoo.com
13. tumblr.com
14. vox.com
15. wetpaint.com
16. wikispaces.com
17. xanga.com
18. zimbio.com​
To do this manually would take weeks, we can do this in days, except for the social book marking of all urls/sites created this will be done slowly over the month.

What's required from you:

1. 8 Primary keywords you wish to rank for.
2. 1 Article of about 500-800 keywords ( we can supply if you need us too)

Within 24-72 hours after payment you will see results on Google ( most times it will start to show within 4-6 hours after we start)

This is a very advanced submission that WILL get you results very quick. It should be said as well sometimes Google may filter your domain if done too fast, but most times since we use link wheels your site is protected by the submission sites.

Our research on this type of linking setup can produce very fast search engine ranking positions.

Ok is he for real?? and that much backlinks that quick wouldnt that become an automatic sandbox?


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Dec 5, 2009
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I did not just read this. SMH

I hope you don't mind me posting this over at http://www.digitalpoint.com/ do ya