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    hi :) New here and am wondering something after I found something kind of funny in backlink watch. I was just keying in sites into backlink watch to see where they get their goodies from, and here is this... {NO none of these sites are mine!} first, the website: thetvshowforum.proboards.com second, key this url into here: http://www.backlinkwatch.com/index.php now you scroll down and see all these sites like this: http://www.proboards.com/credit-purchase.cgi?kumari.proboards.com let's use that one as an example. it's one of the links. now, just go straight to the forum backlinking to the main site: http://kumari.proboards.com we see a random obviously spam made porno forum hosted at proboards, apparenty since 2008. hit view source on either this or the one with the credit purchase links, you don't see any links to thetvshowforum or the anchor text that backlinkwatch found. these guys got a pr 5 site sitting here....so how was this done? special thanks to anyone who can crack this.