OK Authority Site Guru's, how would you...

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    or better yet, how did you build to $1000 per day?

    Adsense alone would not do it I don't believe. Based on a 2% click through rate, if your ads are avg $2 CPC you would need 50,000 visitors a day. 1.5M per month. So you would need to rank first for 3.7M exact match keywords. (assuming 40% CTR for first position)

    That seems like a ton of traffic to me, but at this point my best site is getting about 1000 visitors a week. It launched in December.

    I am torn between multiple sites, or one big site. Whereas I have an idea for what could be a huge site, I am worried about putting all my eggs in one basket and having it go away one day while I am out on the boat, sleeping off a hang over, or what have you. Multiple sites reduces the opportunities to get out on the boat, or imbibe resulting in a hang over.

    Here is my thought process right now and would love to have some pro's weigh in on it.

    Start building the really big monster site that I have in mind. I have been running ideas for it in evernote for a few months now and could sit down over a day or two and really map out what I want. Here is where that site might be a mistake. There are no target keywords. Is that a killer? The site would be a community site, so members would be adding content but I am guessing you need to build to a lot of traffic based on great content before trying to unveil something like that?

    I have a journey thread running on a package of authority sites I bought from napster, I was thinking I would keep the ones that are in niches I enjoy, know something about, or am interested in. Sell the rest on Flippa.

    In addition to adsense I believe there will some opportunity for affiliate sales, and an email list. My biggest concern with an email list is providing them with fresh relevant content while keeping fresh relevant content on the site as well.

    So, which would be the way you would go? How would you monetize outside of these two strategies? What am I missing?