OH noes!! Another youtube+ clickbank journey!


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Jun 24, 2012
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Hey I'm Dalek :D I made some (small ass) money doing youtube+ppd about 18 months ago but utterly failed at clickbank promotion :( It was much easier to sell people fake albeit free-products (vb-programs I made) rather than selling them real stuff from clickbank :eek: . Anyway I decided to give clickbank another go, because I'm fairly certain when you crack clickbank it's better than ppd.

-Went to check out my old friend "Google KW tool" to see if anything had changed.....only to find it was gone! (great) Spent a while learning the new keyword planner tool, it's fairly straight forward.

-Downloaded my old friend Market Samurai.

-Opened up my old Clickbank account, sure enough it never made a penny. Found 3 products I am thinking of promoting. They all have 50-100 gravity and videos on page 1 of Google already. The videos on Google mostly have less than 3000 views and 2 of them are really crap, I should be able to beat them. The keywords I was looking for were "product name" and "product name review", so the people I would be targeting would already know the product and are actively looking for a review, is this a good idea? Or should I be targeting keywords for people who don't already know about the product?

-Emailed the 3 Clickbank product creators asking for review copies.

-Create a new Google account and Youtube channel. Uploaded a couple of CC videos relating to the niche I'm targeting and made some comments, none of which have anything to do with marketing, I just want the channel to look legit.

-Bought a couple of domains from Namecheap.

-Went to buy some hosting from Hostgator. I paid with paypal but the account is still saying "pending"....gonna leave it till tomorrow before I ticket them.

-I'm going to be hiring people from Fiverr to do the actual product reviews, however I have never written a script before! I tried to look up guides on how to make a convincing marketing script, but came up empty :( . If anybody could help me with this then that will be great. If anybody has an example of a good marketing video that would be sweet as well :D

-Still looking for safe views for videos, believe I found something promising on Fiverr.

-Started a journey thread on BHW to keep me motivated.
Good luck with your clickbank journey! There's a lot of good clickbank journeys on here as well, you might be able to pick up some good pointers in them.
I'm interested to see how this goes. Good luck with your journey!
-First thing I did was to sort out my Hostgator account, it was still saying pending so decided to ticket. Problem was with billing, I paid with Paypal but was saying at their end I had not! After giving a transaction ID it got sorted. After like hour and a half....

-Forwarded my domain to Hostgator

-Installed Wordpress and a theme to go with my niche, shoved a couple of repost.com articles up just to see what it looked like.

-Only got 1 response for review copies so far and that was not even to give me a review copy lol. They just sent me a link to a free version :/

-Found out one of the (very crap) videos that is ranking number one on Google has a very clever affiliate after all(From now on I shall call him Bob). I thought it was going to be easy to beat Bob since his video has less than 2500 views and only 20 likes. But then I did a search in a videos tab only to find well over 50 videos promoting the same product! None of them except Bob's are in the first 7 pages of Google! Most of the videos has thousends of views and were older than Bob's, but somehow he had beat them, along with all the websites competing against him. Of course this made me believe he must know a bit about SEO, so I attempted to find out what he had been doing using Majestic SEO. Unfortunately I don't have a paid membership so I was only able to see 10 of his backlinks, they all came from one site, it was a very high PR site but the backlinks were nofollow!? To be totally honest seeing those 50+ videos totally failing to rank in the top 6 pages of Google was very disheartening, I'm not even going to bother trying to rank for the product name as a keyword anymore but am going to try and find different related keywords.

Bobs youtube.jpg

-Made some random comments on the youtube channel to to make it look more legit.

-Made a to-do list for tomorrow, think I'm going to be spending most of the day doing more keyword research and maybe trying to find a tool that can see all of Bob's backlinks for free.
Had a bit of a lazy day today although did manage to do a couple of things

-Did a bit more research into Bob's secret to ranking his video. I found out why the video is so bad, he uses the same one for all his promotions! So since it has to be generic enough to use for any product, he can't actually name the product! I'm sure other people who are doing Clickbank+Youtube must have come across this guy, he has managed to rank number 1 for sooo many clickbank products! His website is http://www.goorisreviews.com (he is probably on BHW lol). I also paid a guy on Fiverr to send me a full backlink report to his videos. Found out the guy own's a bunch of websites and has been shoving the videos into widgets, apparently Google freaking loves this.

Rank in Google1.jpg
Rank in google2.jpg
Since I don't own a bunch of websites I can't copy him. But there is one site he loves to upload his videos to and that's http://www.finduslocal.com. He uses the add a review function to upload them.
sneaky Bob.jpg

-Found out a related keyword for one of the products that I think I can rank for, started to write a script for it, hopefully will finish soon.
-Got drunk with a friend.
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