Oh FUCK, how to retrieve my old YT channel back?

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    Okay, I was using this youtube account to host all my random videos for GSA SER campaigns.

    So recently I logged in because I wanted to check on something... then it pop up something asking me to use a username or some shit. I just randomly click okay. And now, the whole channel is missing. When I try to view those old videos, it shows the message:

    Fucking hell, that's over 200+ videos inside.. if it's really gone, I'm gonna pull my hair because that means making 200+ videos and editing over 200+ GSA campaigns all over again.

    Any ideas?

    Alright, so when I go to Google+ page, I can still see my old youtube username. But now I'm having another username (e.G: John).
    Any ideas how to merge them and get all my old videos back?
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