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    Hello. I am a decent web site owner/developer and I suddenly have the need to create and support some specific sites with the ability to avoid basic US civil lawyer action. One of my goals is to create a web/SEO campaign to fight against a misinformation marketing campaign of someone else trying to destroy the reputation of a popular community of web sites and take over.

    I have a few questions and I hope some of you can chime in with suggestions.

    1. Is Hong Kong a good place to offshore host as well as register domain names privately? No extradition?
    2. If a registrar is offshore, are they bound by some rules or laws to still divulge owner information of said domain names if queried by basic civil legal action? Standard US names; .com/.net...
    3. What is a good way to initially pay for the offshore hosting to limit my own exposure?
    4. When hosting offshore, how can I accept donations from members to support the effort whilst maintaining my own anonymity as well as theirs? Most of the funds will go right back into the sites, so would a Chinese based Paypal account suffice here? Do I need a Chinese bank account for this?
    5. Can I still safely work some affiliate income linking for an offshore site? ie: What does one put for address and banking for these kinds of programs?
    6. Does a Chinese IP address limit the ability of me to get into Google for US searches?
    7. What am I missing here in this endeavor? Offshore hosting, private/anon offshore registered domain names, payment for services, collection of membership dues to support the site, offshore mailing address??
    8. Do I need to further protect myself somewhere, perhaps using VPN for site maintenance...?
    I am absolutely not trying to do something illegal or hide from the feds or do any email campaigns or the like, I just need to protect myself and my members from the standard heavy-handed cookie-cutter civil lawyer action that is very well financed in this case. I want to do this right.

    Anything helpful here is very welcomed public or private.
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    Philippines, here I come.
    I've been looking at HK for awhile and I'm bumping this question to see if anyone has a definitive answer and/or experience, specifically as a US citizen moving an entire business to Hong Kong.
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