Offshore Company, Banking and Internet Merchant Processing In Belize?


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Jun 16, 2010
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I have a few questions.

1. Has anyone here setup an offshore corp in Belize from America?
2. And setup merchant processing?

I am looking for someone that has more insight on this. And how we can set it up.
1. Has anyone here setup an offshore corp in Belize from America?
This part is not difficult, as Belize has an official website with "Licensed Corporate Service Providers" :

Choose the one that fits your needs and they will help you.
2. And setup merchant processing?
This will be a huge problem if you go the Belize route.

Stripe is not supported there, just like many other merchants (almost all of them).

In reality, if you have an option *not* to setup a company in Belize - that's the best way.

If you want geo-diversity with lower taxes and access to payment gateways, look into Estonia / Bulgaria / Romania / Hong Kong (expensive)
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