Offline/online combo to make money- noob friendly!

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    Been working out the bugs in this for a couple weeks and now it is starting to pay off slowly and I think if researched and targeted correctly could work well.

    It is all about using those QR Codes you see everywhere. You know those things that look like a strange bar code? Google it if your unsure.

    Anyways, you can make your own for just about anything. I am still trying to do stuff like have it send a text message inquiring about something so that I can harvest the number and such, but that is another day or two away. I digress, sorry, I get like that.

    Anyway, go to a site like and put your aff link into the space and have it generate the code. Then you can get the image and copy it and make some flyers with as little info or as much as you would like to divulge. Remember, you want to get people curious to what it is so don't give too much, just a tease!

    Now to put this to use, you need to target market and this is where the offline part comes in.

    Example 1. You have a CB aff with a Work From Home product. You know the people that want this are likely to be job seekers, people who need extra money and are likely to attend a job fair. So print out a bunch of mini flyers saying something along the lines of " Make Money From Home In Just Days! Be Your Own Boss! and of course your QR Code. These can be just a quarter of a sheet of paper in size. Keep your expenses down.

    When you have your flyers, go to the job fair and hand out the flyers, or tack a few up in the area or on a board in side. Leave some in the bathroom, or the food areas.

    Most people with smart phones have a QR reader app and they love to use them as its like a scavenger hunt to them, the curiosity factor just draws em in. They see your flyer, see the code, whip out their iDroid and end up on your landing page, or any site you want.

    Example 2 that has worked for me. You go to local business, I do car dealers as I find them easy to work with, others might try bars if that scene is big and competitive in your area. Talk to the owners about bringing them new customers and work a deal. For car dealers what I did was tell them I could get people in the door, but they need to still sell the car. How I did that is I made a quick coupon image and put in on the web. Made my QR code to link to the coupon. The coupon says bring your phone or a print out of the coupon to the dealer and get XXXXX have done $XXX off the price of a car or $XXX extra to your trade in and even Free Oil Changes for a year if you buy. Get creative, work with the dealer, it really costs them hardly anything and they will only lose if they are dumb. I get $20 for each person that goes in with the QR code and $50 if the code results in a sale. Have made $550 in the last month on this alone.

    Now where to find your targets for this? I go to auto auctions and look for the newbies. You can tell who they are, they are usually young, looking at the "cool" cars, checking important stuff like if the radio is good, never looking under the car for rust, damage, etc. I just tell em an auction is a big risk and that I was there with a buddy who was selling a junker but that I had recently got a car from a dealer that gave me a sweet deal and ___________ insert what deal you go going______ just for scanning in this code and I hand them the flyer which was in my coat pocket kinda folded so it looks like I just had it left over there!

    I have also posted the images on CL though success with that one has been limited due to people flagging. Still working on it though.

    The Bar and nightclub scene I think could be a money maker to the right person as I think you could easily get people to go to one if they were in the area and looking for a place. But I am older and not into the scene so I haven't done much there.

    I have a few other niches I target and I am slowly working on new ideas.

    So, if you use this and make some money like I did, awesome. If you find something in this that sparks an idea and a new twist, even better!! I just hope it helps and opens up a new door for you to make money!

    One more thing, I have recently started to make business cards with the codes on them for various things so I am always ready to go and the cards last longer then printing them out on my printer. Will wait a month before I decide if it was a waste of money but there are tons of places to get cheap business cards.
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