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    So, I was talking to my friend Oldsalt, and he gave me a good idea. I'm not gonna tell his idea, but I will tell something simular that will work just as well.

    I don't know how it works in other states that don't have legalized gambling, but in texas we have "Game Rooms" that aren't SUPPOSE to pay out cash..... :D

    Anyways, the idea I am going to give, is to create a website built around online poker, or casinos or whatever. Then find, and set up your affiliate links for that niche. Once all is set up and you are ready to start making money, go to an online flyer creator or use Microsoft Office, and create catchy flyers. Once you have created and printed your flyers, (if your state has game rooms) go and post flyers up all around those game rooms, and even everywhere close to the game rooms. If your state don't have game rooms, just get creative and find a place that will be suitable.

    Then, all you have to do is wait til they start getting hold of the flyers, and watch the money start coming in. I know this will work, because gamlers love to gamble, and can not resist. So enjoy :D