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Discussion in 'Offline Marketing' started by q3rage, Oct 9, 2011.

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    What do you think would work out better for my offline marketing adventures;

    building niche sites and then renting ad space
    ex: Dentists. Start up an seo friendly and nice looking site. write up some good maybe 500 word articles on choosing the right dentist, what to expect, or some helpful shit like that. and then on the sidebars i can rent space so lets say dentist jane doe wants some extra leads, i make maybe some sort of ad or squeeze info ad and put it on the side bars.


    Make a website specifically for Dentist Jane Doe and put up all her contact info, pricing, and anything having to do with her business.

    This is what im thinking,
    if i go with the first option. i'd really only be advertising one dentist. im sure if i tried multiple ones, she'd pretty much be like wtf?? ya know?

    the second one is doable but having to setup a whole site and do SEO is really not the game im trying to play here. I really want to rent out space for MULTIPLE people in a single profession.
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    how about you make it a directory for dentist in the area but only for dentist that pay to be in it. like... featured dentist and then the cheapo's get a side bar ad/mention.
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    I think building the website for the business is the better way to go so you're not working for free and you only start building / ranking their website when you have their money in your pocket.
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    Really depends on your situation. You need to decide if you want to get the money from the client now or later, and how you're getting that money (monthly subscription, lump sum up front, lead gen, rev split, etc)

    You want to get as much bargaining power as possible. If you can switch in and out different dentists easily, you have more power. If your site ranks very highly for some targeted kw's you have more power. If multiple dentists are interested, you have more power. Getting people to pay you to build something that YOU own, that increases YOUR power is the best spot you can be in.

    Also you want to make sure your pages optimized for the desired action. If you want people to call some featured dentist's number, then make sure the number is really visible and there's a good call to action, etc etc.