Official YouTube adds social networking features , raised his fist threatens Facebook

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    YouTube has officially launched YouTube Community, allowing the stars, the manufacturer of their content better interaction with the viewer using the comment line, animated GIFs, photos ... A small group of manufacturers has been tested in recent months Community and then respond to the points to edit, improve YouTube. And now, this group of manufacturers will be to try new services openly. Many other manufacturers will also be used to try Community in the coming months. To access the new service, YouTube producers and their audiences simply open the "Community" their new channel. Here, the manufacturer can share things like an article, photo, video and other content. The audience can like / dislike or comment on this content like video.

    If registration monitor manufacturer's channel , viewers will see the content that new manufacturers in the line of news published on their YouTube app . Additionally , viewers can also set up to receive notifications about content that the manufacturer of their favorite new YouTube posting , YouTube announced .
    Manufacturers are soon YouTube Community trial include: John & Hank Green , AsapSCIENCE , The game theorists , Karmin , The Key of Awesome , The Kloons , Lilly Singh , Peter Hollens , Rosianna Halse Rojas , Sam Tsui , Threadbanger , and Vsauce3 .
    For example , on channel vlogbrothers ' ( John & Hank Green ) , the manufacturers said that they will use the Community to notify the new fan but for channel updates , events and photos , other interesting links that they collected.

    Community allows manufacturers to run one small social networks ask for their channel. This is a critical move of Google in the battle for social network Facebook. Previously, Google have each failed on Google+ bitter because not enough competition for Facebook. Google are each integrated muốn Google+ to YouTube but extremely bad results and canceled plans to be outside.
    Create community pages more meaningful integration of the Augmented Google+ community, society for YouTube because it is extremely effective in helping innovators những live chat with the fans and orientation related categories Google social networking mà expected.
    YouTube claims vẫn có Community is currently in the testing phase muốn vì chúng những listen more feedback and to deploy new features and functionality. Communities are to be implemented in the months to coal broad but specific time is not clear.