Official Site Valuation Thread - Find Out How Much Your Site Will Sell For

Discussion in 'Site Flipping' started by SEO Authority, May 7, 2010.

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    Hey guys,
    I've sold numerous sites on flippa, and on sitepoint sites before flippa was around. I felt like giving back.

    I used many tactics to drive up the bid of my site, including multiple bidders and personally showing each potential buyer remote screenview of revenue stats.

    If you have a site that's GOOD, then follow my recommendations and you will get the highest price for your site.


    Site URL:
    1. Tinypic screenshot to Traffic/day for one month
    2. Revenue Screenshot (OR, Revenue/mo and sources)
    3. Traffic Referrers
    4. What is required to maintain the site

    After you post, I'll give you a valuation of what I think you can get for your site. Please do NOT post any sites that have less than 100 uniques per day, turnkey, or are under 1 month old. I cannot valuate naked domains, or domains that are made to flip.

    After you post your site, I'll write a little description you can use, that will entice bidders to your auction.

    Good luck!
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    1. Provide traffic proof. Without this, your site is effectively a turnkey site and has close to $0 value.

    2. Not-very-attractive sites RARELY get any bids (decent ones, at least) before the auctions are close to end. Hence the reason I put all my cheaper (<$2k) sites on 3-day auctions.

    3. Choose better tags. No-one is going to search Flippa for the tag 'allergy'.

    4. Feature your auction. Several times if necessary. Yeah, the $29 looks scary but it's well worth it, believe me.

    5. Work on your headlines. "Allergy Niche Site for Sale - Perfect On-Site SEO" is dull. I wouldn't click on it and I don't know many who would.

    That would be the top 5 of about 20 things I'd improve with this particular listing ;)

    But .. practice makes perfect!
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    what do you think of my website?
    THEsymptoms (dot) org
    2 year + old
    best alexa + 400K i think
    I was only posting then, did no backlinking..
    Did not touch the website for a year..
    I made it an autoblog last the alexa is 600k something, and improving..
    daily visitors: 60-100+
    monthly google spiders: 16k, is that a lot?or little?thought its a lot
    My articles get listed shortly after appearing on my website. is it gooD?;)
    and last day: revenue>>> around 1-3 dollars per week with adsense.
    since its an autoblog, and i put amazon links, i get around 900-1500 clicks on amazon, no sales ofcourse:)
    taking into consideration the amounts people pay for websites, how much you think i cna get for this one? on Dp? on FLIPPA?
    i dont want to let a 2year old site with some potention go for