[Official] Make $75+ Per Sale Making Follow Up Calls! Insane Conversions!

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    DISCLAIMER: This is not your average ?Get Rich Without Doing Anything? kind of Joint Venture. If you are afraid of calling businesses (even if I tell you exactly what to say) then you might want to look elsewhere.

    I opened a thread for this a few days ago, I didn't put much info on it since I was only looking for a few people. Sure enough though, things are getting better each day in sales. I got a few partners that are now helping me with the service so I have more free time to work on this.

    That means I can continue to JV with more people which in return is more business for all. All you have to do is call a targeted list of small business owners that I will send you. The phone calls are a breeze especially if you have experience in this field.

    Here is a sample of the list that you will receive:

    Of course yours will be juicier :D

    Column A is the name of the business you will be calling.
    Column B is the number you will call.
    Column C is the email I sent the video pitch to.
    Column D is the date I sent the email.
    Column E is how much you will get paid for that sale. (Bonus if they purchase any up-sells handled by me.

    Here is a quick FAQ:

    • What am I selling to these business owners?

    • You will be selling Custom FBML Facebook Fan Pages to small business owners who are listed in Google but are not using the massive free targeted traffic that Facebook has to offer.

    • Will these people be expecting me to call?

    • Some of them will be, some not. I will email every contact a video pitch that they will watch once they check their email. I also let them know that you will be following up with a call.

    • Do I have to invest any money?

    • No, you will earn money without ever spending a dime.

    • Can I do this from outside the USA?

    • Yes, all you need is a reliable phone service and good English.

    • How will I get paid?

    • I will pay you via Check, Money Order, Wire Transfer or PayPal.

    • When do I get paid?

    • You will get paid on a per sale basis, so as soon as your client's payment clears (within 3 days) you can get paid or you can also set up a threshold.

    • How much do I get paid per sale?

    • You will start off at a whopping $70 per sale. Depending on how many sales you bring in per week, you will receive pay raise and bonuses. The average successful phone call is about 10-20 minutes! Other calls will average less than 5 minutes so it's really a breeze if you are into this type of marketing or just need quick money.

    • What if I don't know what to say to these people but still want to try it out?

    • I will send you a few scripts that you can work on so you can feel more comfortable when the time comes. Though no script will be perfect for every client so you can use that to get an idea and maybe come up with your own personalized script.

    • How soon can I expect to make money?

    • The sooner you start making phone calls, the sooner you will get your first sale. After the first sale, it's a breeze. You'll be requesting more lists in no time. Most of my partners made their first few sales the very first day.

    I have a few more questions, how can I contact you?

    For questions, comments or suggestions feel free to contact me at:
    Antonio | [email protected]

    If you are interested in this JV feel free to send me PM, post on this thread or contact me via email and I will send you all the information you need to start making phone calls and getting sales right away.

    P.S- I've contacted the members that are JV'ing with me so hopefully we will receive a few words from them soon here.

    P.S.S- Any PM's that I did not get to from the previous thread will be responded to in the order received.
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    I PM'd you. Let me know If you need more people
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    Send me a PM with the info... i have a friend who may be interested but depends on the complexity of the script!
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    Just PMed you;)
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    Theatre of dreams :)
    is there any limit as to how many calls i can make per day
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    saw that wso so your selling the service for $197 per facebook sale?
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    I'm interested, send me some info if possible :)