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    Hello all,

    I'd figure i would come to the good ole BHW and post this here. Im not spamming or anything so dont get me started with that =]

    I'm here for the people,

    The people i am looking for are people that want a website for their business

    My friend is the president of


    and i was recently hired as a sales agent.

    The business is located in Canada but im helping out in the new york tri-state area.

    New York (Queens,Brooklyn,Manhattan,Long island)
    New Jersey

    and other close by states.

    if you are interstead, we can and will build the website for you.

    We also have a variety of services to fit your needs

    We have 3 different packages.

    theirs the Gold package, Silver package, and bronze package

    we also have packages for

    Weddings http://wedding.quattrocorp.com/ (Sample)

    Family/baby http://family.quattrocorp.com/ (Sample)

    Custom Designs

    Fashion http://fashion.quattrocorp.com/ (Sample)

    and others.

    For more information

    please visit


    or email me at

    [email protected]

    Thank You


    P.S - To anyone that is interstead in having a website built with a forum. we would be more then happy to assist you with that.